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Last week I wrote up an article that listed 10 Female Celebs that have donned the lasso of truth and Amazonian armour over the years, and through these recent findings came a few more surprises along the way!

It seems it has been a long old road for us to finally see the Wonder Woman we've always wanted on the big screen - not for lack of trying however! It turns out that droves of A-list celebs have almost filled the boots (or at least were rumoured to have tried) of this iconic force of nature and unfortunately for us, never made it to the silver screen. Let's take a look at what could have been, might have been and possibly what should have been!

1. Sandra Bullock

As far back as 1999, Oscar Nominee Sandra Bullock was in talks with producer Joel Silver to film a live action Wonder Woman movie. Many other high profile actresses were linked to this film which unfortunately never made it off the ground.

2. Christina Hendricks

When it was released that Gal Gadot was going to be our next Diana Prince, there was a backlash so strong not even Batman himself could have defended against it. Many DC fans called for the likes of Hendricks to fill the role instead. Coincidentally, Hendricks herself had previously expressed interest in this role in an interview alongside Nicholas Wynding Refn during a Drive press junket. Now that would have been one STRANGE-ASS art house Wonder Woman film!

3. Eliza Dushku

Eliza is no stranger when it comes to the geeky world of comicbookdom, portraying Faith in Buffy and even recently voicing a character for a Hulk animation. Buffy director pal, Joss Whedon reportedly had a nightmare of a time back in 2005 writing and re-writing Wonder Woman screenplays and Dushku had expressed a keen interest in filling the roll. Once again the film was doomed to failure with little to no interest from production houses.

4. Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless - a solid fan favourite for the roll of the Amazonian Princess also expressed an interest in the 1999 live action Joel Silver movie. After it failed to take off, she still managed to fulfil her dream by voicing Diana in a DC Animated movie in 2008.

5. Adrianne Palicki

Famous for her rolls in John Wick and G.I Joe, Adrianne could have been ever MORE famous for her roll as Wonder Woman in a planned series in 2011. Unfortunately the project didn't proceed further than a pilot episode aired by NBC. She can now be seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

6. Amy Manson

Before Gal Gadot had been announced, CW had planned a Wonder Woman series that would have ran alongside a movie with the same character. At the time the Aberdonian Amy Manson was being eyed up for the roll. Again the series was ultimately cursed for failure.

7. Beyoncé

Admittedly this one was more of a rumour than an actual possibility. A fan on had made up a story (apparently to impress his girlfriend...somehow) that Beyoncé had been cast as Diana Prince in an upcoming Wonder Woman movie. In a bizarre twist however, in a recent interview with IGN, Gal Gadot mentioned that the singer had actually inspired her and calmed her nerves in preparation for her biggest roll to date. So metaphorically... Beyoncé was Wonder Woman's mentor!

8. Angelina Jolie

Who doesn't want to see Angelina suit up and boot up as the Amazonian warrior princess and kick some ass?! I'll tell you who...producers. Angelina was another penned in actress to take up the mantel as Wonder Woman in that oh so frustratingly doomed Joel Silver movie.

9. Nadia Bjorlin

Days of our Lives actress (I know I was surprised it was a real show outside of Friends too!) and self professed Lynda Carter fan, Nadia Bjorlin has in the past publicly vocalised her desire to play the part in a live action movie. Unfortunately for her and her fans, producers and directors couldn't make this wish into a reality.

10. Catherine Zeta Jones

That darn Joel Silver had ALL of the best A listers noted down to play Wonder Woman. If only...if ONLY this had happened, we could have already had a kick-ass Wonder Woman film we could all have been proud of! Oh well, the wait until March 2016 continues...

Which of these Actresses would you have liked to have seen fill the roll of Wonder Woman? Comment Below!

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