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Terminator Genisys staring our beloved action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator a.k.a Paps) and new to the franchise Emilia Clarke (Sarah Connor) take us through a journey where we go back in time to the first film from the franchise in 1984. So yes this film contains a lot of time travelling in different time frames.

The film starts in the year 2029 where John Connor played by Jason Clarke is trying to stop Skynet and completely demolish it for good. John is a leader of this whole army who don’t live by the rules of the machines. John found Kyle Reese played by Jai Courtney in the sewers when he was a child and took him in and raised him, he already knew Sarah Connor. I know this starts to get confusing and he now works with John in the army.

John finally reaches the time travel machines, which Skynet uses to send the terminators back. So John decides to send someone back to help his mother Sarah Connor destroy Skynet. Kyle goes back in time to see Sarah and meet’s the old Terminator, which is now referred to as Paps. Together they work through the different times to destroy Skynet before it’s ever launched back in 2017. Yes this means the 1984 Sarah Connor and future Kyle Reese go together in the future to 2017 to destroy Skynet and not to forget they take Paps too, well he meets them there.

So you see what I mean, with a lot of time travelling which makes it difficult to follow the timeline. Either way it was a very enjoyable film and of course nothing beats the originals but it was pretty cool to see the amazing CGI of Arnie from back in 1984 when the original Terminator was made and having that scene re-visited.

If your into the Terminator franchise and enjoy action pack films, machines and time traveling well I’ll say no more this films is definitely worth the watch.

Trying to blend in our we?
Trying to blend in our we?

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