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1 - My Top 10 Batman: The Animated Series Episodes by Guy Pilla

With all the excitement surrounding the new Batman v Superman trailer you'd almost forget there was once "Batman: The Animated Series". Luckily Moviepilot Creator Guy Pilla is here to remind us of arguably one of the best animated TV shows to have ever graced our screens. Get ready for a trip down memory with his top 10 of the best "Batman: The Animated Series" episodes.

2 - Fan Art: I Was a '90s Disney Kid, Now I Cut Trailers, So This Happened... by Steven Chamberlain

Are you a true 90s kid? Then the chances are these Disney movies were a major part of you childhood. New Moviepilot Creator Steven Chamberlain has created the ultimate Disney mash-up to remind us of just how magical they really are. Don't forget to grab a box of tissues because this one will most definitely hit you right in the feels. This is a trip down memory lane you won't want to miss.

3 - Alternative Posters: Movies Part 1 by Tom

Awesome alternative movie poster alert! Big on color and visually breathtaking, this awesome artwork put a twist on the traditional movie poster format. An Avengers poster with Loki front and center? We'll take it!

4 - BenHolmes: Alternative Art! by Ben Holmes

Artist extraordinaire Ben Holmes has created what is possibly some of the most gorgeous superhero/ film art there is on the internet! His unique use of watercolours creates wonderful visual effects, particularly on his Ant Man and Spider-Man pieces. Any of these would be a fitting home even for those who don't enjoy superheroes.

5 - My 5 favorite scarred characters in movies by Rob Velazquez

A dark, tortured past. A penchant for villainy. General badassery. Scars have been used across cinematic history to connote a variety of different character traits. In this post, Rob Velázquez takes a look at the most memorable characters to ever rock facial scars. From wizened army colonels to classic Disney villains, from psychopaths to the Boy Who Lived, there's something to appeal to every fandom in this post.

6 - Old Man Rogen? Seth Rogen is Set to Take on the Mantle of Wolverine by Dylan Bourke Kerwick

With new leaks and rumors being circulated almost daily, it's only a matter of time before someone ends up pulling our leg with a well timed piece of satire. Newbie creator, Dylan, has taken up that dubious mantel with aplomb - crafting a witty and sardonic article that's literally unbelievable.

7 - ZombieDollars - Movie Art goes POP! by Nik Holmes

Mashup is one of those things that either works...or doesnt. Luckily artist Nik Holmes (there is no information on whether he is related to Ben Holmes) he makes it work perfectly. Look out for the hilarious Jurassic Park / Michael Jackson mashup! Jeff Goldblum never looked so good!

8 - Creepy Cute Demonic Fairy SFX Tutorial by Caitlyn Kreklewich

Feel like a new look? This makeup tutorial extraordinaire and horror fan has some great options from her newly uploaded videos. Caitlyn takes you through all the techniques for a natural style to something a bit more... sinister. Check out her videos and plan your next party!

9 - 5 Reasons The Joker is More the Reason for Batman's Success Than Batman Himself by Eric Italiano

I think we would all agree that most, super heroes simply would’ t be as interesting without their criminal counterparts. The most well-known and beloved example of such a relationship is probably that between Batman and The Joker. If you ask Eric Italiano, however, he might tell you that The Joker has more to do with Batman’s fame and success than the Dark Knight himself. What do you think? Check out Eric’s super first post below and let him know your thoughts in the comment section!

10 - Walking Dead Fan Movie by Baptiste Perraudin

"We have absolutely no intention of compete with the original series, our only goal is to make what we love and draw inspiration from the greatest.” These are the words of Baptiste Perraudin, one of the producers of the ‘Walking Dead Genesis' fan movie that is currently making waves within the independent film community. The film one first prize at the Florida Super Con and deservedly so. Check out the award winning short film for yourself, and welcome Baptiste and his creative team to the MP family!

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