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Brace yourself, bad puns are coming.
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Warning: Major spoilers for Ant-Man ahead.

Let me begin this with one word. Wow. Marvel have really outdone themselves this time. Ant-Man sounds like the most ridiculous superhero movie ever, I mean, whats the big deal about a guy who can shrink himself? If you are one of those people (and I know because I had the same opinion a few hours ago), you really need to go see the movie NOW!!!!

The Good - What worked in the movie

Heroes don't get any bigger (see what I did there? :P)
Heroes don't get any bigger (see what I did there? :P)


Ant-Man boasts a large number of funny one-liners. Unlike Avengers: Age of Ultron, where there was too much repetition (Language!), Ant-Man successfully entertained the audience on multiple occasions.

For example, this hilarious exchange between Hank Pym and Scott Lang. "My days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over! What do you need me to do?" "I want you to break in a place and steal some stuff." "Makes sense."

Or, this one between Yellowjacket and Ant-Man.. "You think you can stop the future? You're just a thief!" "No, I'm the Ant-Man!... I know, it wasn't my idea."

Most of these come from Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man himself, making it even better. He would give a certain Merc with a Mouth (Deadpool) or the Web slinger (Spidey) some tough competition!

The Action Scene(s)

The action scenes in this movie were surprisingly good, and funny! This scene was just too good! Despite the feeling that the movie won't contain a lot of action, the director (Peyton Reed) and the CGI team have managed to do a marvellous job! I liked the laser beams in Yellowjacket's suit.

The Simplicity

The simplicity of this movie was, in my opinion, what made that good. The whole movie revolved around ants, insects we see every day, and how they can accomplish great things. Not to mention the final fight scene which took place on a toy train set. And yet, it was one of the best in the whole MCU. Hats off.


This was one of the best scenes in the movie! Great way to tie Ant-Man into the rest of the MCU. Anthony Mackie totally rocked the role as usual. I loved the short conversation between him and Ant-Man before they fought.

The Wasp

A new hero was introduced to us in the Mid-credits scene of Ant-Man.... The Wasp! And it was none other than Hope van Dyne, daughter of Hank Pym! I am looking forward to seeing her in the future MCU, specially with that new suit, looks awesome!

What didn't work - The Bad

Hope van Dyne

Her character had so much potential, but was not very well done. The movie kept her away from action 95% of the time, which was terribly disappointing. Introducing the Wasp suit a bit earlier would have been really great. The writers could have then added a twist to it by causing a malfunction in the suit or sustaining her with an injury, which could have led up to the introduction of a new, better, and more stable (and awesome) version of the Wasp suit.


COME ON MARVEL, ANOTHER DISAPPOINTING VILLAIN!!! I was expecting a lot from him, in fact Yellowjacket was a major reason why I went to see Ant-Man. Even though the action scenes with him were good, Yellowjacket had not enough backstory, and thus didn't cause a lot of impact. Also, his dialogues were disheartening. If they had an element of sarcasm or puns in them, he could have been better in that area at least.

The Last Scene

If you have already seen Ant-Man, I am talking about the scene where he comes back from the Microverse. I for one would have liked to see him stay there for this movie, ending it with a cliffhanger, leaving the viewers wanting more! He could have been reintroduced in the Mid/Post Credits scene of a future MCU movie.

Overall, I thought Ant-Man was an awesome movie, however, the three things I thought weren't done well enough, had quite a major impact on the film for me, hence the rating. Ant-Man is the third best movie of the MCU for me, after The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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