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In a time where the word "selfie" has become an official addition to the Oxford Dictionary, desperate measures must be taken to set society back on the right path. Independent filmmaker Ariel Zengotita plans to do his part by shocking audiences into submission with PSEUDO MAN - a short film currently in pre-production. Ariel is known for his award-winning shorts HTM-HELL and Billy the Fetus, which was an official selection of the 2015 Florida Film Festival. Check out the video to his Kickstarter campaign below:

The team behind Pseudo Man plans to take a very old-school approach to making the film - all the special effects will be practical and they will be shooting on 16mm film. The director is a huge fan of '80s horror and hopes to tap into some of the magic of that era. Here's a brief synopsis of the plot:

Mark Anderson, a self-absorbed hermit, spends all of his time browsing Echo (a social network). His friends all post beautiful pictures of themselves, constantly reminding Mark of his inferiority to them. Meanwhile, the otherworldly employees of Echo are creating replicants of users based on their profile information and sending them out to "replace" them.

Social media has a way of pulling out the "best" in people. Whether it be by posting glamorous selfies or sharing opinions and interests that aren't truly our own, it's too easy to control the way people view us and to create a false - or pseudo - image of who we are. In some cases, an individual's Facebook profile may be an entirely different human being from the actual person. Pseudo Man aims to shed light on this subject by asking the question, "What would happen if your Facebook profile literally came to life?"

If you would like to see Pseudo Man get made, then you can make a contribution of any amount on the Pseudo Man Kickstarter page and share this article like crazy.


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