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In its current form, Elite: Dangerous is available for PC and in a kind of testing stage on the Xbox One. It's available for an hour thanks to Xbox's preview service, but players can also purchase a non-complete version of the game for an approximate $30. But is this purchase worth it? Will the PS4 version of Elite: Dangerous be worth picking up on its release date?

We've examined the reasons why Elite: Dangerous is worth checking out on PC or otherwise - however, the game is not without its issues. Therefore, we thought we'd take a look at Elite's flaws in order to give potential new players an insight into the frustrations that you can run into while traversing the depths of space.

Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous - Are These Problems Enough to Keep Xbox One & PS4 Owners Away?

Don't get me wrong while I discuss these issues, Elite: Dangerous can be a lot of fun, regardless of platform. But this enormous game can get pretty tedious at times. So we've compiled a list of the most common frustrations that both we at Moviepilot and the general public encounter on a regular basis. We don't hate this game, but it has its qualms.

  • The game offers up numerous ways to make money - most of which are often tedious or not worth the effort, such as mining for minerals.
  • Exploring the universe offers little experience, other than seeing some beautiful places.
  • The large expanses of space can be seriously boring after a while. Getting from one place to another can be tedious.
  • There are a very limited range of missions for unexperienced players to engage with.
  • The in-game chat feature is pretty awful.
  • There's a lot of grinding required to get the most out of Elite, things can get very repetitive.
Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Would You Get Elite On its Official Xbox One & PS4 Release Date?

These are only a few of the issues players can run into. Elite: Dangerous is a welcome return of a long dead franchise, but it isn't there yet in terms of what this game can achieve. However, there are some moments in this game that will take your breath away. Elite: Dangerous can be so beautiful and its multiplayer is an exceptional high at times. There are some moments I've had in Elite that have topped complete games in 2015. But they can often be too far in between.

There are plenty of reasons as to why players should pick up Elite: Dangerous on PC, XBOX One or its release date for the PS4. But you should know that it's not perfect. Yet it still manages to deliver moments that no other game can equal. It's an unusual beast, one that has kept me coming back for a ridiculous amount of hours. Let us know where you stand on Elite: Dangerous in the comments below!


What will (do) you get Elite: Dangerous on?


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