ByBecca N, writer at
... likely for shock factor. Not very cool. But this article? Way more problematic than a short paragraph detailing the subjective failures of one character. If you love Cami (and Klamille) then that' s wonderful! Shout it from the rooftops, tweet about it, defend your favorite character all you want. But to bring Klaroline into this argument - yet again - is only proving your OWN shipper bias. Does Leah Pipes get hate from Klaroline fans? Hell yes. Is a lot of Cami's criticism coming from them too? Absolutely. But did the original TV Fanatic article say that? Did that reporter slander Cami and praise Caroline, or say that Leah should be fired for being a talentless hack who could never compare to Candice Accola? No way! YOU are the one who blamed one particular fandom for a writing issue. And then you dismissed any sort of criticism to fawn over how awesome her character is. Cami inspires apathy in the general audience - notice how she is never used in promotional posters, Originals swag, or included in the "main cast"? Hell, the SDCC bag had Elijah, Marcel, Hayley, and Klaus, but Cami was nowhere to be seen. The general audience, not the rabid fans, do not care for Cami's character and THAT is what the GTFO Award was commenting on. It was crass, but it doesn't make it untrue. I understand that this site is mostly a fan forum rather than a professional paid outlet, but please try to maintain a little bit of unbiased professionalism in the future. Thank you.

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