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Ever since an Ant-Man movie was in works, there were obviously a lot of people who were speculating on who should play Hank Pym. When it was announced that Hank Pym would be an older character, played by Michael Douglas, and that Scott Lang would be the main protagonist, played by Paul Rudd, there was a lot of buzz (pun intended) about who would play Janet Van Dyne aka the "Wasp".

But when it was revealed that Evangeline Lilly would be playing a character called Hope Van Dyne, a lot of fans were left scratching their heads. It came out that Hope would be the daughter of Hank Pym and the deceased Janet Van Dyne. This has some fans crying out that this was a terrible move as Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, was a very iconic character in the comics and one of the founding members of the original Avengers.

But after seeing more of the film and becoming quite impressed or at the very least, pleasantly surprised, many were willing to give it a chance despite the fact that it remained Janet-less.

Well, I can confirm that 'Ant-Man' was far from being without Janet Van Dyne. Since the movie is officially released now, I make no bones about spoilers in the film, especially considering all the spoilers I knew about weeks ago have already been spoiled.

We see Janet Van Dyne in a flashback sequence whenever Hank Pym talks about the true cause of her death. It was a really cool little plot point as it showed us a glimpse of what the Wasp looked like even though we never heard her speak or saw her face since she wore a helmet similar to Ant-Man's.

Now, there was a lot of speculation to the truth to her death since she "sacrificed" herself by shrinking down so small she entered the Quantum Zone which was supposed to be a place where you could never return from, but whenever Scott Lang shrank that small and returned at the end of the movie, it left many to wonder if Janet Van Dyne could still be out there somewhere. And since all time and space was lost, she could still return to the present day in our MCU and be just as young as she was whenever she first disappeared.

The question that I had was will she return? It would certainly create an interesting dynamic in story for Hope Van Dyne and Hank Pym. Plus, Captain America and Wasp have had a relationship in the past, but that was in the Marvel's ultimate brand, The Ultimates.

But the relationship between these two could be budding if they ever decided to go that direction considering that the two would both be heroes originating as heroes from a distant past who meant to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.

But that's neither here nor there, apparently the actress who played Janet Van Dyne has come out as being more than just a body in a suit to be placed in front of the screen. She's more than a prop, they're putting real thought into woman who plays Janet.

The actress is by the name of Hayley Lovitt.

Now, it's interesting that Hayley Has come out and revealed that she is in this movie as it means that she might be a bigger part of the overall Marvel universe.

She went on her facebook to also speak a little bit more in-depth about her role as Janet Van Dyne:

"Well, I've had to keep my mouth shut about this for a number of months now. The official release date is tomorrow, but a lot of theaters have it today! I play The Wasp (the original Avenger! The one who NAMED the Avengers!), Janet Van Dyne, in Ant-Man. I believe Marvel has since decided to give Janet a much bigger role in the MCU of film (my own belief/speculation, you know how Marvel keeps things secret), with many speculating on who might play her. Because of this you miiiiight not recognize me in the film, as I am in FULL Wasp attire including helmet with yellow tinted eye glass. And my lines were cut to conceal my voice. But I'm still in this super awesome film! With this amazingly iconic Marvel credit and a really cool scene I got to shoot w Michael Douglas. And a little photo shoot that shows at the end of the film. I have seen this film, and it is SERIOUSLY FUNNY. If you aren't a comic fan, trust me, you will still enjoy this one. ‪#‎Antman‬ ‪#‎marvel‬ ‪#‎janetvandyne‬ ‪#‎MCU‬ ‪#‎iamjanet‬"

So, could Marvel be taking Hayley Lovitt to set her on a track to greater fandom and recognition by casting her in the role of Janet? Rumor has it that she's signed on for more than one role and I know we're bound to see from Janet Van Dyne in the future. I know this because I talked with Kevin Feige himself about this at a press junket a few weeks back:

Me: "We've heard mention of Star-Lord's father so much so in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' with so much mystery surrounding the character. Will we similarly see or hear more about Hope Van Dyne's mom in future projects?"

Kevin Feige: (smiles) "If we get to tell more stories we've got plans for her character."

So we know that Marvel is at least putting some thought into this. I can't wait to see where it goes.


So, where do you think Marvel is going with the Janet story? Do you think Hayley is bound to show up in later Marvel films? Do you think she's a right fit for Janet? Feel free to share all your opinions in the comments section below!


Do you like the idea of Hayley Lovitt playing Janet Van Dyne?

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