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Marvel Cinematic universe keeps growing or better yet, shrinking!

Ant Man is the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that introduces us to Scott Lang a burglar getting out of prison and trying to stay away from his past life.

Paul Rudd was born for this character, He was funny, relatable, interesting you root for him to succeed, to become Ant Man and to get his daughter.

Hank Pym played by Michael Douglas was badass, I was concerned about his performance but he was a total badass, funny, strong and you can see his relationship with Scott Lang as the son he never had.

All the characters are really well developed, you can see and feel their personalities and motivation, their growth throughout the movie in a really fun way.

I did have a problem with Marvel Villains tho, Here we have Darren Cross, the Head of Pym Tech trying to remake the Pym Particles and creating YellowJacket, by the way YellowJacket is freaking amazing! Well Cross has some weird daddy issues with Hank Pym and it felt like a lazy villain to me.

Michael Peña is a fantastic comedic relief and Scott Lang's crew is a fun crew too.

They actually make us feel and care for the ants, we root for AntMan and Ant-Thony, yes that's the Ant's name. Amazing how everybody in the theater was glued to the screen on the action scenes, blink and you miss a lot!

AntMan is a great fun summer movie that brings us back to when Marvel started this Cinematic universe, with comedy and action.

The macro photography is mesmerizing and it's fantastic how the movie made us feel and care for the ants.




The heist plot twist when Cross knows about the plans and captures Ant Man was amazing, that's how you make a smat villian, it's like chess, I always felt baffled when "smart" villains couldn't see ahead.

The way they introduce Wasp in a fast action scene was amazing, and how they explained the sub atomic world is fantastic.

If you haven't noticed, Evangeline Lily will become Wasp but you have to wait to the mid credit scene to watch it.

The second post credit scene is something great, they finally got Bucky, now my Steve Rogers is going to die at the end of Civil Wars might come true and we'll have Bucky as Caps in Avengers Infinity Wars.

Oh yeah, they did mumble a little about the Registration Act and what not.

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