ByRob Thomas, writer at
...aring the same purple latex gloves in both the scene with her and the 'hurt you bad' line 2) Latex gloves like you could find at a hospital 3) He's holding electro-shock paddles (like you'd find in an asylum) 4) In the shot where he's standing above his victim holding the paddles you can *just* see in the bottom right hand what appears to be brown glasses frames - frames like Dr Quinzel is seen wearing 5) The scene your show of Harleen Quinzel getting at attacked at 1:35 is the same that shows the Joker rocking his shirtless with latex gloves look at 2:41. Note the same surgery lamp and desk lamp. Also at 2:41 note a medicine cabinet and Machine-gun Panda. My guess is the hurt to you really bad line is directed at Dr Quinzel during Jokers escape from (or just an attack on) Arkham Asylum. Which is yeah, as the author said, pretty dark stuff. When I first heard the line I'd assumed/hoped it was some skuzzbag (The Arkham Warden?) who'd crossed joker. But no, looks like we might be getting some torture porn in there to be 'edgy'. Still stoked for it, but the need to change Quinzel's origin story to give us a torture scene seems like an unnecessary change; possibly a clumsy attempt to make the DC movies even darker to differentiate from Marvel.

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