ByJessica Jersey Jarvis, writer at

Okay so I admit that I'm new to the series and no I didn't follow the film adaption from the beginning, I stumbled upon it on Netflix, but let me tell you that this is better than the train wreck of The Mortal Instruments Series - despite having an amazing cast such as Robert Sheehan who I loved as Simon and Clary Fray played by the beloved Lily Collins - the entire book was torn up and tossed in the fire for the actual adaption of the film. Now for Vampire Academy, when I was watching the film I said to myself "this would be better as a TV series" and that still stands - also you'd be hard pressed to find anyone free to adapt such a script - trust someone who has read Vampire Diaries and seen the TV show - the books suck so much - they are genuinely some of the worst written books in my life, including Twilight where I couldn't get past the first page. Now, we can't expect every tiny detail of the books to be able to be replicated as we want it to be in the films and TV shows - I mean even The Fault in Our Stars had a crucial line change (namely; "I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace") and that was a massive hit! And let me tell you, people still love Game of Thrones and they have steered directly away from the books entirely. Your book being made into a TV series isn't the end of the world - or even the franchise. It's the beginning of an adaption - just like all of our fan-fiction, concept art and even our different opinions on how we imagined the characters - this could be a new beginning and maybe lead to a better film being made. You also have to note that if your book is turned into a TV program they can leave in literally all of the solid details of the book as long as they can film and edit it within their budget of course.


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