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That's right, at SDCC CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed that we can see even more crossovers in the next seasons of Arrow and The Flash! The two heroes are set to join forces once again, as new villains are revealed and old allies return.

"We do have crossovers planned, both Episodes 8's again, this year, which will air in December. It's a 2-part crossover, which starts on 'Flash' and ends on 'Arrow,' and that's sort of the big crossover event."

How exciting! And that's not all: we can expect even more crossovers in the future of the shows, as they will become an annual event.

“The crossover was so successful, we will be making it a special event in fourth quarter every year."

While other shows in combined universes have featured the occasional crossover episode, none have attempted an annual event like this before. It's something that DC are in the unique position to be able to do as their different universes grow ever expansive. And with the addition of [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) to the CW canon roster, the shows will be able to pull in even more fans as the stories intersect.

(Spoilers below - continue at your own risk!)

Epic team up
Epic team up

(still with us? Awesome!)

A shocking start to Arrow S4

At SDCC, actors John Barrowman and Paul Blackthorne teased that season 4 of Arrow will kickstart the show into action, and may leave fans reeling.

"Especially the last scene. That last scene is gonna haunt the rest of the season."

With new villain Damien Darhk (subtle name) rearing his ugly head, and Felicity still recovering from her struggles in season 3, Oliver Queen will have a lot to deal with next season. Will he be able to enjoy his break from hero work, or will this shocking beginning pull him straight back in?

The Flash season 2 has its own share of revelations: the Reverse-Flash's identity will soon come to light, and his time-travelling status only adds to the complications. Ronnie Raymond as Firestorm is also slated to return, which could explain why only his other half, Victor Garber, is confirmed to appear in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. Could this be the start of an epic crossover finale? Or will the character appear earlier on in the season?

Ready to be legends

A new team of heroes
A new team of heroes

Pedowitz has revealed that there will be frequent cameos from Legends of Tomorrow characters before their premiere in early 2016. In fact, the new show will cross over into Arrow and The Flash much more often than its predecessors. This is good news for fans of Sara Lance: after the surprising twist that the Canary has been resurrected, many people wondering how her friends and former team mates will react.

This miracle is not without its cost though. Actress Caity Lotz gave some hints about how coming back from the dead will affect Sara's character, and the harsh repercussions she will face.

"It’s going to have a toll. Just like Thea went into the Lazarus Pit and you saw how that affected her, and Sara’s dead for a long time. So I feel like there’s going to be a big shift."

When Sara will appear in Arrow remains to be seen, and considering her resurrection is a big reveal for Legends of Tomorrow's premiere, it's unlikely we'll see her reunite with her friends until the new show's first season.

Until then, we have plenty of team ups and combined adventures to look forward to. So stay tuned for more from Arrow and The Flash!


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