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Before I take this post any further, I just want to say that I might be the only person who has had this thought. You know that feeling you get when you see an actor and think "He/She looks perfect for that role". That is the feeling I got when I thought of this the other day. Now, it is time to get into it.

Earlier this week, I was surfing my TV stations looking for something to start watching. I went through everything without finding a single show that was interesting. Then, I moved onto Netflix. Still, I found nothing. That's when it hit me, I haven't watched Entourage in a while. So, I went online and found all 8 seasons. After watching the first three seasons, I realized something. Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) played Aquaman, but he looks like the Joker. Are you still with me? Good. Take a look at the photo below.

Now, you have looked at the photo and you still may not be convinced. Adrian Grenier, obviously best known for his role as Vinny Chase on Entourage, looks like the Joker, in my personal opinion. Look at the photo again. Are you starting to see it too?

Lets Break It Down

1. The hair. Most of the time, you will see Adrian with longer hair, albeit curly hair. Because he has the longer style of hair, it would be easy for him to slick back, which is the way most on-screen Jokers wear their hair.

2. The body type. With the exception of what we will be seeing with Jared Leto as a more "buff" version of the Joker, the character has always been an average-skinny type of guy. Adrian Grenier is just that. Hes a regular built guy. He isn't big by any means.

3. The smile. Personally, in order to have a good joker, the actor needs to have the right size mouth and the right smile. Heath Ledger had that mouth. He had that smile. With Jared Leto, I don't see that. I'm not saying he will be a horrible Joker, so don't jump down my throat. However, take a look up at the photo of Adrian Grenier again. Now do you see it? He has a wide mouth and a large smile. This, as I already stated, is they key for me.

At this point, I would have liked to show you a sample of Adrian Grenier done up in Joker attire and makeup, but I don't know anything about photoshop or any other editing software, so, I am sorry for that. If any of you readers are proficient in this type of stuff, make it happen and send it my way! For now, try and picture it in your head.

The items previously listed are the physical traits that make him perfect for this role, but does he have the acting chops? From the limited work we have seen from him, most people would probably say no. But when was he actually given a shot at a big role in a movie? Never. He had some smaller roles back in the day, but nothing huge. His biggest role came as Vinny Chase on Entourage and, honestly, I don't think you see enough of his "acting" to justify anything. Also, he plays a laid back type of guy who just hangs out with his friends, smokes weed and stars in movies. I don't see anything wrong with that lifestyle, but it doesn't show us enough to know if he would be able to take on such a sadistic and creepy role (I personally think he looks a little creepy).

These are just one man's feelings. You don't have to agree or disagree, but, if you are intrigued by this idea or you just want to tell me I'm an idiot, drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.


Do you think he has the physical traits to portray the Joker?


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