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I am a very picky when it comes to movies/television shows. I believe that actors should know their lines enough to be able to add emotion t
Gregory King

Supernatural's first episode premiered on September 13, 2005! This show is about two brothers who are "Hunters", people who fight against the supernatural. In the first episode, Dean Winchester goes to Sam's house to convince him to return to hunting to help find their father. Sam says "Yes," after a few minutes arguing. He and Dean leave, after then finished their first supernatural kill on their own, they failed to find their father. Sam goes home to get ready for an interview, but, instead of heading to bed with his fiance, there was a note, stating she was gone for a bit, so, he went to bed, woke up a few hours later because of dripping, he finds out it's blood, then he sees Jessica (his fiance), on the roof dead, then his house caught fire, that is where the real hunt begins.

Ever sense the first episode that have fought killed many supernatural beings. Like; demons, vampires, shape-shifters,..etc. They started meeting other hunters on their way. This is a very intense series, if you like action, horror, and funny moments, you will like this show! I give this two thumbs up!


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