ByNathan Perdomo, writer at
Nathan Perdomo

Villains are characters who make a story enticing, and in the DC universe, where the streets of Gotham lurk with crime, the Joker comes first to mind. It has been exciting and interesting to watch actors immerse themselves into a role that requires finesse. Fans are grateful for Jack Nicholson to have brought this intriguing foe to life from ink onto the big screen. The wardrobe, the dry and facetious humor, and of course the signature disturbing high pitched laugh. Over a decade later, the character was reintroduced to cinema under the helm of actor, Heath Ledger. Ledger's superb portrayal of the Joker displayed a furthermore menacing demeanor with his dark, playful, and manipulative approach. Most fans were convinced that it would be difficult to exceed Ledger's performance, but it appears our assumptions may be proven wrong. Actor, Jared Leto, now takes on the challenge of bringing back the green haired villain, and it appears this version of the Joker has a psychotic sense of freedom. It is rumored that there might be some correlation between Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman: DOJ, regarding the death of Jason Todd, AKA, Robin. The story is true, Robin does die at the hands of Joker-for those who don't know too well. But there would have to be hard speculation on the possibility of his reincarnation as the Red Hood.


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