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For decades, Batman fans have been delighted to read about everyone's favorite Dynamic Duo. We all have favorite Robins too, some may like Dick Grayson, others may like Jason Todd, but whether you like Grayson or Todd or none of them, we all want to know: Who is the next cinematic Robin? While there has been a lot of different actors to play our beloved Batman, we've unfortunately only seen one live action Robin (not including Burt Ward), and that's the unspeakable Chris O'Donnell version of Dick Grayson.

Just why
Just why

Well, with the release of the new [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer, we see Bruce Wayne looking at a graffitied Robin costume that reads "HAHAH Joke's on you Batman."

After the release of the trailer, many people speculated that the Robin costume belonged to Jason Todd and his death caused Batman to retire, but I believe that that's simply untrue, and I'm here to tell you why.

Which Robin does the suit belong to?

Damian, Tim, Jason, Carrie, Stephanie and Dick
Damian, Tim, Jason, Carrie, Stephanie and Dick

Batman has almost always had a Robin by his side. While the sidekick's name stayed the same, there have been many different people throughout the Batman timeline to take the Robin mantle. This includes: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne and Carrie Kelley. Well, from the looks of the costume, we can tell it belongs to one of the males who were Robin so that cuts out Stephanie Brown and Carrie Kelley.

So let's take a look at our other Robins. Well in the Robin suit from the trailer, it's short sleeved.This may not seem like enough to cross out Damian Wayne and Tim Drake, so let's try to look a little deeper. Well the cinematic suit has a a single layered cape. If we look at Damian's cape, he's the only one to have a double layered cape, so we can cut him out. Tim Drake's costume is also the only Robin with the cape outline along the edges of his cape. He is also the only Robin to have a single red suit, so we can cut him out too. This leaves Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.

A lot of people believe that the Robin is Jason Todd because of the Joker's writing on the suit. As we all know, Jason Todd was tied up and beaten by the Joker, so it seems reasonable to believe that that could be Jason Todd. If we look at the left shoulder and certain spots along the chest and arms, we notice what appears to be damaged or charred spots. This could either be from being beaten or somehow be tied to the abandoned Wayne Manor that appears to be burnt in the trailer. However, the Robin suit in the trailer has one important detail that people seem to neglect: the staff. The staff is the most important detail to identifying our Robin. Why you ask? Because Dick Grayson is the only one to use a staff regularly as a Robin. So the fact that the Robin costume was locked up with a staff would indicate that that Robin uses it regularly. If you look at the middle of the staff there also appears to be a break in the middle, which shows that it can break off into Grayson's iconic escrima sticks. So we have our Robin identified. The only other question is, what happened to our beloved Dick Grayson? Well he was either A) Was burned in some sort of accident B) Killed by the Joker, which would explain the graffiti on the suit and maybe even the newspaper clipping that says " You let your family die." or C) Dick Grayson has grown up and abandoned his role as Robin to become Nightwing. With that in mind, we can finally try to figure out who our new Robin is in the Dawn of Justice film.

Our next Robin in the DC Cinematic Universe

Well, after figuring out who our Robin was, we could just assume that our next Robin will be Dick Grayson's predecessor, Jason Todd, but it's just not that simple. You see, Dawn of Justice is heavily inspired by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Retruns saga. In this series, a 60 year old Batman comes out of retirement to try and fix Gotham once again. While Batfleck isn't 60 in the Dawn of Justice movie, he is an older version of Batman who is coming out of retirement, but rather that to fix Gotham, he comes back to shut down the Man of Steel. In Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns series, Batman's Robin is a happy go lucky teenage girl named Carrie Kelley, and that's who I believe is our next Robin. Why? Well for two reasons. 1. Well, the Dawn of Justice film, as I stated earlier, is heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns series, so I believe that they will follow that influence and go with Carrie Kelley. 2. Jenna Malone has been rumored to be in Dawn of Justice for a very long time. While she could play a lot of characters in the movie, she makes a wonderful Carrie Kelley. Let's just take a look.

While she does look a little older than your average teenage girl, she does have a striking resemblance to Carrie Kelley. So there you have it folks, I believe that this is our Robin and I look forward to seeing Jenna Malone in the series.


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