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In just over two months time the new season of Gotham will be airing. Not long after, Arrow and The Flash will be joining and I plan on writing some articles about those seasons as well. So we're entering the next stage of Gotham where there will be more villains and new story-arcs. I've come up with a few things that I believe need to happen in the new season, so without further due, lets begin.


At the end of the first season we saw Bruce and Alfred come across a secret passageway that will likely lead to the bat-cave. Or it might not. It could be some secret room that Thomas used that has nothing to do with the cave. But either way I believe the bat cave should be introduced in this season. I believe it is important for Bruce to discover the cave at a young age because this was where the real beginning of his crusade to become the Batman started.


Its been said that we will see Bruce beginning to train in the new season. During the first season we saw the detective side of Bruce coming out but I feel in this season we need to see more of his intelligence build. Criminology is obviously one of Batman's strongest skills but there is the science and technology side that we haven't seen yet. Now it may seem a lot for a kid of Bruce's age on Gotham to learn so many subjects but in the future he has quite the amount of master degrees. So maybe seeing him doing his studies in chemistry and biology as well as the criminology. Another thing we saw in the first season was Bruce starting to fight. Now of course its not just about being able to punch someone when it comes to Batman, its about knowing as many skills as possible. Taking a few martial arts lessons would be idea at this point. As well as that I also like seeing Alfred help train Bruce. It reminds me of the comic Earth One where Alfred gives Bruce a beating, telling him that he wasn't tough enough. A bit of harsh training here and there needs to be done in order to become the best.


Robin Lord Taylor has brought quite the character to Oswald Cobblepot. Right now he seems to be the most popular thing about the show. While being an evil character people just seem to love him, kind of similar to Loki although Cobblepot is more of a psycho. We got to see the beginning of his journey to power in season one, now we need to see that expand. Penguin's story needs to take its time and not rush into him being a powerful crime lord by the end of the next season. I believe its time to show Penguin getting into the weapons business. During Batman's time in Gotham City, if you ever needed firearms or explosives then you'd go to the Penguin. So I feel in season two they need to start showing him getting into the business. Of course seeing him as a character develop into a more powerful person should happen as there's no Maroni or Falcone to stop him.


Yes, not all the villains we need to see on the show should be Batman's foes. It'll only prove that Gordon failed his job if all the foes he faces keep coming back until Batman arrives in about fifteen to twenty years time. And its not just that but not all of the criminals Gordon faced would be of Batman's enemies. It would be a little odd if Gordon only faced Batman villains in the most dangerous city in America. We got to see a few original faces in the first season and I think we should see more of that. Its good to get some fresh characters now and again that Jim and Harvey can actually beat without them escaping from prison, time and time again. Also if too many characters from Batman's rogues list keep coming into the show, then by the time Batman's on the streets most of these villains are gonna have a big age gap. Not all of Batman's villains existed before him. I know there gonna do their own thing with the show but not all of Batman's enemies need to be more than ten years older than him.


Sure crime lords and mobs are always gonna be about in Gotham but I believe its time to show just how harsh a city it is. So far Hell's Kitchen on Daredevil felt like a worst place to live. Gotham is plagued with murderers and criminals and during the first season I was just getting the vibe that it was a place owned by Mobsters. Crime lords are a big part of Gotham but its sometimes the random people on the streets that you should fear more. Im not saying Gotham wasn't a bad city to live in during the first season, but it definitely could be worst. But Im guessing it'll become a worst place when more of the villains rise.


There are a few other things that some of us may want to see in the new season. Feel free to give your faults below and tell me what you think needs to happen in the new season. And if you watch The Flash and Arrow I will be writing articles for what needs to happen in those shows too. But for now, so long.


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