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(Warning, potential spoilers below for the MCU installment, Ant-Man)

Last night I had the pleasure of going to see Ant-Man with my girlfriend. There were not that many people in the theater and I was amazed. Usually when Marvel cranks out a movie, people line up to get their tickets, yet this movie was different. Some say they didn't want to see it due to not knowing the hero. Others complained that it was taking a different direction.

Well after watching it my girlfriend exclaimed "I am going to tell everyone to watch this movie because it is worthy." (not of lifting Thor's hammer of course, but still worthy). Truly it was, yes it wasn't that serious on the note of Captain America:The Winter Soldier, but it was an enjoyable and comparable to Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel didn't take the movie too seriously, yet it gave the impressions that even a lowlife criminal can become a hero.

Does size really matter?
Does size really matter?

Ant-Man brings laughs, brings a more comedic tone that it's predecessors and most of all it brings a brilliant origin story to life.

The References and Easter Eggs

All throughout Ant-Man there are surprises all around, literally with the first scene.

Howard Stark & Agent Carter

It takes us as a scene taking place in 1989. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) decides to resign from S.H.E.I.L.D. due to Howard Stark (Yes Iron Man's dad) wanting to use the Pym particle for their own uses. Hank refuses and leaves after punching Mitchell Carson in the face. Reluctantly Peggy Carter(Hayley Atwell) is there to stop the beating.

The Avengers are ever present

Through the film there are nods to the Avengers from Scott Lang flying into the Avengers Headquarters and fighting Falcon, to Hank Pym exclaiming the Ant-Man suit is nothing like the Iron Man suit. He even goes as far as saying, "I've tried keeping my technology out of Stark's hands for years, I'd be crazy to give it to one now, anyways Tony is probably too busy blowing cities out of the sky right now."

Civil War Tie-in

Not only did Falcon and Ant-Man fight, but in the end we see Falcon seeking out Ant-Man for help. Through a series of people we see him try to contact Ant-Man only for Luis (Michael Pena) to say agree to help without letting Scott know. In the post-credit scene however a more serious tone sets in while we see Cap and Falcon discussing what they should to with Bucky, as he is seen locked in a vice in some abandoned warehouse. Cap suggests that they can't go to Tony for help and Falcon exclaims that he knows a guy, particularly Scott.

Stan "The Man" Lee

As the ever-loving master of cameos, Stan Lee does not disappoint. this time around he comes on as a Bartender in Luis' narration of Falcon seeking out Ant-Man.


In a flashback in the movie we see Janet van Dyne's true fate as she sacrificed herself in order to stop a Russian missile. To much of Hank's disapproval she still does what she must do. Yet in the Mid-credits scene, Hank Pym goes into the vault where he help the Ant-Man suit and shows Hope a prototype of the Wasp Suit.

Among all of these there are still more and more from Darren Cross sating the legend of Ant-Man was simply "Tales to Astonish", to Hyrda still lurking around in the shadows.

Marvel, Thank you for at least presenting a not well know hero and turning his story into an exciting and funny one. For everyone else, you can catch Ant-Man in theaters this week.

What was your thought of Ant-Man? Please let me know in the comments below.


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