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News has it that the Former Veronica Mars star Jason Dohring has been cast as Detective Kinney who will be "a handsome lawman determined to bring wrongdoers to justice - even if he has no idea said scalawags could be sporting fangs."

This new human in town, could very well become Cami's new love interest. This possible development could also put him in danger, if not for Klaus' jealousy, then for her connection to the most dangerous family in the city.

Okay let's move on to casting update number two. Aurora has been cast. I repeat Aurora has been cast. Sorry to all the ladies out their who were wishing they could have a shot at the role but, this role had a 99% chance of being given to this wonderful young actress which it did. So, drum roll please, the wonderful new young actress that has been cast as the "sexy vampire capable of turning on a dime and unleashing her dark side", is Teen Wolf and Arrow actress Alisha Heng.

Not much is currently known about casting the last character Lucian, though rumour has it that it is being held off until the last minute for "the perfect person" and we can't wait to see who it goes to.

The Originals Premieres on October 8th on the CW channel.

The Cast of The Originals at San Diego Comic Con 2015 at the Warner Bros Autograph Booth.


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