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This is a list of things I think would be cool to see in The Last of Us 2.

11. An awesome title

The Last Of Us 2 is kind of a boring name. My vote for the title is, The Last Of Us: Endure and Survive.

10. More characters

A lot of the old characters died
A lot of the old characters died

Now just to be clear, I am talking about new side characters, not new main characters. Now that that's out of the way.

Most of the characters from The Last Of Us died, so you would obviously need new characters, to replace the ones that have past.

This may be asking for too much, but it would be cool to see a character played by someone from The Walking Dead

The Last Of Us, and The Walking Dead, have very similar themes, both are more focused on the humans than the zombies, and both offer a look into the human condition. The Last Of Us and The Walking Dead also have very similar worlds.

It would almost be a cool sort of fan service to have an actor or actress from The Walking Dead, guest star in The Last Of Us 2. (not as the same character of course)

If they did have someone from The Walking Dead in The Last Of Us 2, my top two choices would be either Chandler Rigs (AKA Carl)

or Emily Kinney (AKA Beth)

Either one (or both) could play another one of the kids in Tommy's village that Joel and Ellie meet, and would befriend Ellie as the game goes on.

Emily Kinney would probably be the better bet. Her character in The Walking Dead was killed off, so she would be a bit more available, and she is a lot closer in age to the actress who played Ellie.

The character Ellie, may be only 14, but the girl that plays her, (Ashley Johnson) is actually in her 30s.

the voice of Ellie
the voice of Ellie

9. More online modes

The Last Of Us, had some great online, but for the sequel they need to add more to the online experience.

I would like to see The Last Of Us 2 somehow add infected into the online.

They could have some sort of hoard mode, were you and a buddy, fight off waves of infected.

Or they could have some sort of infection mode, like in Halo. The round would start with one player being an infected, or a zombie, whatever you want to call it. when this player kills another player, the other player would also become infected. Since the infected in The Last Of Us have different stages (Runner, Lurker, Clicker, and Bloater) the player playing as an infected could go through these stages until someone takes them out, then they would start the cycle all over again.

Also it would be nice to be able to customize our online characters, to make our online experience a little more personal.

8. End Joel's story in a respectful way

In other words, don't give him an off screen death, and whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE HIM THE BAD GUY!!!!!!!!! While Joel may be a bit of an antihero, he's not a villain. making Joel the bad guy would alienate some fans, and would not be doing justice to his character.

If you want to know what I mean, just look at the Prototype games.

In Prototype 2, the main character from Prototype (Alex Mercer) becomes the villain. While Prototype 2 was a good game, it was a terrible sequel. In prototype 2 Alex Mercer did things, and acted in a way that was out of character from the first game. Alex Mercer, much like Joel, was always an antihero, but he was more like a wild animal, than the power hungry super villain they made him out to be in the second game.

I don't want Joel to become some sort of maniacal super villain, sitting in the shadows going "bwahahaha". That just wouldn't fit Joel, or The Last Of Us.

To me, Joel always seemed more like the wise mentor type of character, than anything else.

Making him the bad guy, would be like making Obi Wan Kennobi a bad guy, it just would not make much sense.

The Last Of Us is a grounded and realistic game (well about as realistic as a zombie game can get). making Joel become some sort of super villain would feel too cheesy and wouldn't fit the story of The Last Of Us. Joel may have made a questionable choice in the end, by the way I totally agree with what Joel did, but Joel also learned to except another person into his life, Joel was actually more of a "bad guy" in the start of the game, than he was in the end of the game. to make him the bad guy, would be doing a total 180 with how his character is developing.

If they kill off Joel, it should be in a way that fits the character. I would end his story, by having him die, protecting Ellie, further showing the lengths to which he would go to protect her.

Joel's story can go in many different directions other than making him the bad guy.

7. More infected enemies, and a creepier atmosphere

One thing I would like in The Last Of Us 2, is more types of infected. While I liked The Last Of Us, I did feel it had too many human enemies. So in the sequel I would like to see more infected enemies, and less human ones, to really give it the feeling of this being the end of humanity.

Imagine going through a big city, with no other people except for you, and the infected.

And have more than just bandits and clickers attacking us. Have some aggressive wildlife in the game, such as wolves, or bears, to make the player really feel like the hunted.

6. Unscripted hunting scenes

I think this is pretty self explanatory, just, more hunting scenes, and make them unscripted.

5. A kick ass bad guy (antagonist)

Sometimes the only thing a story needs, in order to move along, is a really good bad guy. Take the movie The Dark Knight for example, The Dark Knight is widely considered one of the best films of our generation, and the entire movie revolves around Batman trying to catch the Joker, and how the Joker messes with Batman. That's basically the whole plot of the movie, and it doesn't need to be anything more than that.

The same thing could work for The Last Of Us 2. The Last Of Us 2 doesn't need to be this big bloated thing, showing the whole world dealing with this killer fungus, and like four or five different playable characters, in all four corners of the globe. people want way to much out of this game. It may be good, but it's not like Lord of the Rings, that it needs to delve deeper and deeper into some complicated lore (and the lore of The Last Of Us is not even that complicated that we need so many entries to explain it, there are zombies, if they bite you, you become one, do we really need an entire franchise to explain that?)

The Last Of Us is usually quite a grounded and simplistic story (half the DLC was just two girls hanging out in a mall, and it was amazing). The only thing The Last Of Us 2 would really need to do, is give us a relatable hero, or protagonist, and some one or something to challenge him or her. You could say that The Last Of Us is not about heroes or villains, and you'd be right. However, every story, even The Last Of Us, has a protagonist, and an antagonist, the person whose point of view the story is told from, and his or her opposing force. This opposing force can be anything from, another person, to nature, to anything that will challenge the main character in some way.

4. Parkour

cue the Assassin's Creed music
cue the Assassin's Creed music

What is parkour? you may ask - well it's basically running on rooftops and stuff, it's also called free running.

Parkour is a key element in many games such as, Assassin's creed, Mirror's Edge, Dying Light, and also Uncharted.

The Last Of Us is a game that I feel could benefit from some parkour elements. you know scaling broken down buildings to get away from hunters and infected.

with Ellie being smaller and physically weaker than Joel, but also a lot quicker and more agile, a more parkour/ free running style game could fit her character (while also keeping the stealth and horror elements)

And we've seen Ellie doing some parkour in the Last Of Us comic, American Dreams.

3. Less linear

One of the few problems with The Last Of Us is how linear it is. I would like The Last Of Us 2 to have a bit more player choice, and maybe multiple endings. having different paths, and different ways the story could play out would give The Last Of Us 2 more replay value. make it a bit of a choose your own adventure game, like The Walking Dead, but with the characters and gameplay of The Last Of Us (so in other words, better).

2. Longer

I felt that The Last Of Us was too short. At the end, while it was the perfect ending, I still felt like I wanted more. In the full game, we didn't get enough time playing as Ellie, probably one of the biggest reasons The Last Of Us Left Behind did so good is that you got to be Ellie through the whole thing. I also felt that I didn't have enough time to upgrade all my weapons to the full, so it felt like I wasn't as powerful as I could have been by the end of the game. I think The Last Of Us 2 could benefit from a 20 to 30 hour campaign. Again the ending, while a good ending, still made me feel like their was still more to be told. This one story may complete, but I feel much more could be in store for Ellie and Joel. Both Joel and Ellie are still alive, in a dangerous world were anything can happen, Joel and Ellie's journey may be over, but Joel and Ellie's story is not.

1. Ellie as the main character

This is the biggest one.

First of all, Ellie is a very well liked character, and a lot of fans would be disappointed if she didn't come back for the sequel.

The Last Of Us really feels like it's building Ellie up to become the hero,

she's even on the front of the cover.

For a while Joel was going to be in front with Ellie in the back, but they changed that because Ellie was the real star of the show. With the way the franchise is going, I would be surprised if Ellie wasn't the main character in the sequel. And it's not like they can't explore the world further while still keeping Ellie as the protagonist, while she may not be able to go over seas, she can still find herself in many other places in the US, Canada, or even Mexico. Even if she stays in Tommy's village we would still be seeing a part of the world we have not yet seen.

And with more and more games featuring female leads, Ellie would be the perfect candidate to become the face of The Last Of Us, and maybe even the face of Playstation. Yeah they could just make a totally new protagonist who is female, but players already have a connection with Ellie, and unlike a new character, Ellie wouldn't feel like she was just shoehorned in to have a female lead. Ellie is a huge part of The Last Of Us, and switching to her would feel much more natural than a totally new character, or even going to a whole new country. Playing as Ellie would be the next logical step in the Last Of Us saga, heck The Last Of Us has already begun to take that step. In previous articles I have talked about how both the DLC and the comics are about her.

The Last Of Us is more about Ellie than it is about Joel, the Fire Flies, or even the rest of the world.

The Last Of Us 2 would likely show us more of it's world, but chances are it will be through Ellie's eyes. Much like how the Mad Max movies show us so much of it's world, but all through the eyes of Mad Max, I think The Last Of Us should do the same thing with Ellie.

And the Uncharted games (also made by Naughty Dog) do a good job telling Nathan Drake's story, so I don't see why continuing Ellie's story would be any different.

And Uncharted 3 seemed to wrap up the Uncharted series nicely, Nathan Drakes story could have just ended with Uncharted 3, yet we are getting an Uncharted 4 and so far it looks amazing.

A Last Of Us game with a totally new protagonist, would be like if Uncharted 4 fallowed a totally new treasure hunter. The ending of Uncharted 3 would have made a good way to end Nathan Drakes story. They could have just as easily made Uncharted 4 about a different treasure hunter, it would have had the same gameplay, same action, same humor, and same themes, as it would with Nate, and the new character may even be as likable as Nate, but it just wouldn't be Uncharted without Nathan Drake, and it wouldn't be The Last Of Us without Ellie.


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