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Introverts and people wanting to avoid their family and friends, here's your weekend Emmy nominated binge watching list.

Dramedy: (Because I refuse to put the following shows in the comedy category.)

Shameless (Hulu Plus and Showtime seasons 1-5)

I should post the trailer to Shameless for those who haven't seen the series yet , but I thought this clip summed up the show. It's full of drama, humor and out right sadness. You get a little bit of everything with this show.

Transparent (Amazon Prime)

My first time watching this show I laughed and cried. Its a great mixture of obvious comedy and drama. Sit back and enjoy this roller-coaster, it's well worth it.


Silicon Valley (Google Play/Amazon seasons 1-2)

I wasted a lot of time trying to decide what clip to post. If you've seen the show, you would probably suggest I post the Disrupt algorithm scene. I wanted to, but I feel I owe it to the newbies to show them that it’s more than that really great scene. So I settled on the season one trailer, because it’s really all you need. If you've had a crappy week, this show will cure what ails you.

Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

I've been a fan of Lily Tomlin since Big Business(Google Play) and I've loved Jane Fonda since Barbarella(Google Play) why my parents let me watch Barbarella, I'll never know. Either way I love both these actresses and when they are together, it's great TV. Also, Lily Tomlin high on peyote, should be enough to tell you this show is great!


House of Cards (Netflix season 1-3)

This is a tough one, if you're anything like me you'll stop and start this show a couple of times. It's a lot to take in, but its totally worth it. It has Corruption, sex, murder, drugs, politics, and messed up characters that you find yourself rooting for even though you know they're horrible. It's great and should take you through the whole weekend if you're up for it.

Homeland (Hulu Plus/Showtime Seasons 1-4)

Look, you're either going to love it or hate it. That's what I've found when talking about Homeland. I personally love it. Stick with it, because you will yell and want to punch the screen at some points, but trust me it will be okay.

Staff Movie pick:

Dan the engineer who does super important stuff that I don't understand (but am thankful for) was nice enough to give me his movie recommendation. This is the one movie he'll always suggestion people watch and I'd have to agree.

The Iron Giant (Google Plus)

All I have to say about this great movie is, be prepared to smile and cry. Also grab a kid (that you know, don't kidnap a child) and watch it with them. Introduce a new generation to Hogarth Hughes and The Giant.


If you're a music lover like me you'll also want to check out Netflix's What Happened: Nina Simone

I cannot put into words how great this documentary is.

Have a happy and safe weekend!


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