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So this Halloween you're probably thinking of what scary movie to watch and i bet the first thing that comes to mind is Halloween. I mean the movie is iconic and has stuck with us through generations now as probably the movie that spawned all slasher films to date.I mean a lot of people can say it was Psycho that truly started the slasher films but it was actually Halloween that launched into something bigger. I also find it kind of interesting that Janet Leigh from Psycho is actually Jamie Lee Curt the protagonist in Halloween, just a little f.y.i for all you out there. In another note the score is one of the most known scores in all of cinema history and terrifies many till this day. I mean imagine hearing that alone in your home and its pitch black.....yeah rather not do that right now as im typing in the dark but you get the drill! There are many lists out there detailing the most scariest, horrifying, and iconic horror movies of all time and in none have i seen Halloween been crowned number one and i didn't understand why. I mean i know its a pretty hard list to come up with because fear is something personal and different with many people. There may be a lot of people who don't find John Carpenters Halloween terrifying and that's perfectly fine but i still believe it to be the greatest horror film.

Killer Clown Kid..Yeah Not Creepy
Killer Clown Kid..Yeah Not Creepy

You have the beginning scene with Myers back when he was a kid just walking up to his sisters and just with no motive at all killing her just giving us a blank stare. That is something that is truly frightening to have a person with no remorse for the actions he commits especially killing. The other slashers after Myers like Jason and Freddy well they had motives to kill like revenge but Myers motive was never answered. That makes its much more scary then the others his lack of motive and compassion combined makes him an even bigger monster as he is completely unpredictable. You also have to account him being dressed as a clown as the murders took place....YIKES.

Yeah He Just Wants To Talk...
Yeah He Just Wants To Talk...

Michael Myers presence was also was felt tremendously in every scene he was in it was the way the filmmaker worked with the shadows and the score every time Myers appeared. I love the way they would have him eerily just move into frame just made him feel more than just a psychopath but a haunting force that wasn't going to go away. The fact is Myers didn't go away he came back nine more times in sequels and reboots and now is apparently getting a fresh new start. A horror icon he truly is and probably the greatest in my opinion because when you think of Halloween he is the first one that comes to your head i guarantee it.

Just a little note about the mask that's haunted us so much during our childhoods at night and when we would go trick o treating. The mask is apparently William Shatner from Star Trek! Apparently due to the films low budget they went to the Halloween store and found the cheapest mask at the time which was a Captain Kirk mask. They then spray painted it pale white, teased out the hair, and cut out the holes to give us the most iconic Halloween mask. So next time you see someone with a Michael Myers mask thank Captain Kirk for being on sale that day at the Halloween store.

There you go my reason for why Halloween is the greatest horror film of all time! I want to know what you think is the greatest horror film of all time comment it below!


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