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Not long after the reveal of the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer at San Diego Comic Con’s sacred Hall H, Warner Bros. made the footage available online for fans across the world, but even with the beefy three and a half minute trailer, viewers were left with many questions to ponder. With just over a hundred camera shots from various scenes throughout the film shown in under four minutes, it is not unreasonable that many of you may have missed some key takeaways from this trailer. So, here are five points you may have missed:

1. Lois Lane is in this shot.

During the protest scene on Capitol Hill, we see a woman character above the left shoulder of Superman that looks like it could be Lois Lane. In a later clip in this trailer, we see a Lois behind the metal rail surrounded by protesters in the same outfit as this woman in this picture. When we see that it is Lois Lane later in the trailer, she and the rest of the crowd are cowering – suggesting that some action is taking place at this protest. Now, the fact that she is at Capitol Hill is not big news and not even that surprising, considering she is one of the top reporters at the Daily Planet and a journalist who has been covering Superman since early on in the Man of Steel film. What is interesting is the crowd reaction to whatever is taking place behind the camera. The ensuing events off camera are only speculation at this point, but it does appear that the Capitol Hill scene is going to be one of the major plot points of the film.

2. Is Batman snapping necks?

Now, it is hard to tell if any necks are snapped in the making of this scene, especially since it flashes by so fast, but you can clearly see that Batman has this armed soldier by the neck and proceeds to take him down violently. This alleged neck snap has been circulating around the web and has fans up in arms with the direction that Zack Snyder and the writers are taking the character. There have been a lot of theories that this scene is possibly a dream sequence or that these soldiers may not even be technically human, but no evidence from the trailer or any statements by anyone involved in the film lead the viewer to believe that these are any more than theories at this point in time.

3. Superman has his hands on a Soviet rocket.

Now this is partially taken from the first teaser trailer that Warner Bros. released, but we get a few seconds of extra footage in this trailer. As opposed to the first teaser, we actually see the rocket explode and then we have this shot taken from the first trailer with Superman holding part of it above his head. So what – just a cool shot of Superman saving the day right? Well maybe, or maybe he caused it. It does appear that he is saving whatever cosmonauts are inside the rocket, but why is he in Russia in the first place? It is possible is stopping it from leaving the atmosphere or extracting some material or evidence, but no one really knows. Now this is all speculation on my part, but we have seen this scene in two trailers now and I believe it could be a bigger plot reveal then some may think.

4. Superman takes the fight to Gotham.

At least in this trailer, most scenes with our heroes fighting take place near Gotham equipment or buildings that have the word Gotham on them. Zack Snyder explained at comic con panel that in this depiction of the DC Universe, Gotham and Metropolis are sister cities much like San Francisco and Oakland and are located across the bay from one another – Metropolis being the thriving city and Gotham being the one that is struggling. We see a dark and desolate Gotham shots throughout most of this trailer and a lot of battle taking place there as well.

5. Who wrote this?

There is a lot of speculation around the web that the Joker left this message for Bruce in the Daily Planet but I it find it unlikely that the note was actually written by the Joker. Later in this trailer we see a spray-painted message on a Robin suit that says “Joke's on you Batman.” This falls in line with comic, “A Death in the Family,” in which the Joker murders Tim Drake, aka Robin. Bruce takes Robin’s suit back to the bat cave and places it on display in order to remind him of his greatest failure and incentive to do better in the future. The difference between the message on the Robin suit and the one left in the Daily Planet, is that the message left in the Daily Planet would require the Joker to know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Now, this is not impossible, but I am unaware of any iteration of the Batman movies, shows, or comics in which the Joker knows the identity of Batman. Therefore, I believe that this message has to be left by someone else in the DC Universe.

These are certainly not all the Easter eggs left for fans in the BVS trailer, but they are a few of the more interesting ones. Leave a message in the comments below and sound off about the nods to Batman and Superman lore in the trailer, as well as what you think it means.


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