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Above, you can see the incredible spectacle that is the Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer. It sent droves of nerds into hysteric fits last weekend in San Diego, and caused me great joy to see when I returned from Africa on Tuesday. If you want to check out my Batman vs Superman trailer breakdown, click here. Now, onto the breakdown!

We start off with Amanda Waller, sitting in a restaurant with a couple of army guys. She is really scary, and is likely to be the real villain behind everyone else, as well as the Joker (more on that later). She is talking about the team, and how she "put them in a hole and threw away the hole." That really tells us how bad these guys are. They also refer to the abilities that some of them have, and Waller tells them that she thinks "Superman was some kind of beacon for them to creep back from the shadows."

This goes further into the theory that, although there is a whole universe built up of history before the present day (especially for Batman and his villains), Man of Steel has started something new in this universe, a chain of events has begun which will lead to the Justice League. She also talks about having built-in deniability, which shows that she doesn't care at all whether they live or die. She gets really terrifying when she is asked "How will you control them?" and says "getting people to act against their own self interests is what I do for a living."

While Waller talks we see this shot. This is Cara Delevigne, in all her glory. This is part of a flashback to her character before she was the Enchantress. In a cave? I don't know why, but I should mention that her character is interesting because it introduces magic into the DCCU, something that is totally different to other types of powers. We knew it would happen eventually, because Shazam's solo film has been announced, and his powers as well as those of his nemesis Black Adam, are based on magic. It will be interesting to see her powers alongside the others.

Several things here. Harley is in a cage separate from anything, no walls, no other cages, totally isolated. She's clearly pretty dangerous. These acrobat things are not significant, they're just what she does. Hopefully she will have some skill in acrobats, because I'm not sure what style of fighting she would really use otherwise. It's showing Harley in this trailer as the main character, with Joker being important more for universe building. Deadshot is also shown as significant. These shots, with the very creepy music in the background, start to paint us a picture of what we can expect from the tone of the film.

As we are introduced to Harley, we are also introduced to several other members of the squad. This is El Diablo, he controls fire. He was only introduced to the squad recently, after the new 52 reboot in 2011. There is some intro needed to him even for comics readers because of this. His powers are stronger than many of the squad, so he is an important member.

Whether Deadshot was originally one of the main characters or not, he is now that Will Smith is playing him. After a series of films that were less than stellar, we can only hope Will Smith has got back to making good films. Last time he was in a superhero film was Hancock... so... His cell is more traditional, showing he isn't as dangerous as Harley Quinn... maybe.

Talking about dangerous, here we have Killer Croc, who is terrifying. I'm really loving the way they have done him, and I'm really looking forward to him in the film.

I love this line where Harley asks Waller "Are you the devil?" Waller is wearing a red suit, rather appropriately. Harley appears to be pretty far gone at this stage, very insane.

Deadshot is getting a bit of background story. He has a daughter who he loves, and he also loves... dressing like a pimp? Never mind, point is that he is will be painted as a hero forced to do bad things for his daughter's sake.

This gets me much more excited. Deadshot in full costume shows us how true to the comics they're being. It's really similar, except for the colour of the mask.

This looks more like what we would expect for an Enchantress origin. She is in a grave, in a pool of dark liquid, surrounded by demonic symbols. Seems like she is taking part in a satanic ritual that will lead her to her powers.

We get a couple shots of the whole squad, kind of. Haven't seen Enchantress with the squad yet, and Slipknot is missing from the whole trailer, suggesting he dies early on. They've been in a lot of set photos showing them walking down a street and storming a building, and these shots show some of that. Also, Will Smith dropped the obvious line, "We're some kind of Suicide Squad?" Yes Will, yes you are.

If you've got a Harley Quinn, flaunt your Harley Quinn. Not quite sure what's going on here, looks like she is full Harley here, so it's not likely to be a flashback, but I'm not sure when she would get the opportunity to wear these clothes in the present.

These shots look like a battle scene, or potentially the scene where they walk down the street again, and storm the building. Harley is in her full costume here, and we can see as we did from many stills that she is very comic book like. Killer Croc also looks great, they are clearly in public because he's trying to blend in.

Now what is this? Some crazy Joker nonsense clearly. I don't know what's going on here, but it's nice to see the Joker or whoever planned this has a sense of humour. I mean a panda... really?

She really is just totally insane, and I love it. It's good to see that the film is going to focus more on her than the Joker, who isn't and never has been a part of the squad.

We've seen leaked footage of these flashbacks. May be at the beginning of the film. She looks pretty Harley-esque. Joker may just have killed a Robin or something, and now are trying to escape the caped crusader, who will probably catch them, leaving them in Arkham for the start of the film.

Lots of flashing images. Planes crashing, squad members all over the place. Then Captain Boomerang's first line "You know what they say about the crazy ones." Harley clearly doesn't understand. She's wet, as we've seen in leaked images. Why? Good question.

But of course, that line applies even further to this fella. "Oh no I'm not gonna hurt you." Talking to either Harley (likely) or Jason Todd/Robin (unlikely). I doubt we'll see him killing Todd, more it'll just be referenced to. However we saw earlier Harley before she was Harley being strapped down to a table and gagged, so we can assume this is from the same scene. Also, side note to say that I love this Joker. He looks amazing and so insane. I don't care how different it is from Ledger, or the comics, that's a good thing in many ways. You can't beat Ledger at his own game, you have to be different.

Squad on point. Didn't see much of Katana in this trailer, and she is an interesting character, normally billed as a hero with her magic sword. I am interested to see how she ended up on the squad, and indeed, to see if her sword is magic in the film. They have magic in Enchantress, but a magic sword is a step further into the realms of insane.

"I'm just gonna hurt you. Really, really bad." That's just perfect. Can't wait for Joker, and the rest of the cast. Leto didn't even attend comic con, keeping up the terrifying mystery of this character.

That's all we could possibly ask for with over a year until the film's release. It'll keep us satisfied as BvS looms. Until sooner to the time, we can only rewatch this over and over, tearing it apart to find tiny details in the corner of the screen.

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