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It is my deepest desire to see an expanded DCU built off of the universe set up by the Batman Nolanverse, as a kind of sequel that linked the Nolanverse to the Snyderverse, and though technically the Universes are not linked, I'd like to see them become linked.

I. Nightwing Trilogy

This film would link the Nolanverse to the Snyderverse, I would love to see is a story where we begin by seeing Dick Grayson as a cop, and he has become reckless. He has left Batman and Gotham after the death of Barbara Gordon, and would explore the idea of self-identity, Grayson is struggling to escape from the shadow of the bat and make a name for himself. I would love to see the following villains:

-The Court of Owls (Nightwing Begins)

-Mr. Freeze (The Bird of Prey)

-Legion of Doom (The Nightwing)

The movies would build to an epic third movie (The Nightwing) where the Joker has escaped and has gathered a group of villains together to create Legion of Doom. The film would be a pre-Justice League film, and would feature heroes such as Batman, Nightwing, Robin (obviously Damian Wayne), and Arrow, facing off against villains such as, Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Red Hood. The film would end with the death of Nightwing, and Robin becoming his own hero, Red Robin.

II. Young Justice

After the death of Dick Grayson, a now more mature version of Damian Wayne has decided to create his own team after seeing the success of his mentor and brother's now broken Justice League. The film would follow all the sidekicks that we have yet to see in the DCU, and let's face it, we all want to see this film come to light. It would be wise to invest in such a film as this, and would surely be a smash hit.

III. Jason Todd

This story would follow Jason Todd, not as Robin, but as Red Hood, and would be an interesting take on the DCU. This film would be dark and probably, quite gory, as it follows the plight of the hellbent man out for blood. It would be good for the DCU to expand upon their villains, and would be a perfect opportunity to launch after the hopefully successful Suicide Squad film.


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