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On the world of Battleworld, there is one region that God-doom knows can bring utter destruction on his world. 20 years ago, the inhabitants of the Deadzone was unleashed on the planet, and the zombies, the robots and the Annihiltion Wave caused enough death and destruction to make everyone know that they can perish in seconds. Doom knew of this, and just waited. Waited for his moment, and with a flick of his wrist, sent all of the monsters back and created the Shield. Now, it is the job of a select number of heroes to be the watchers of the Shield and to ensure that destruction and carnage never happens again. This is the most boring job in the universe, but also the most dangerous. This is Siege.

Abigail Brand is the new person in charge of watching over the Shield and making sure that the monsters inside stay inside. But, her job is seen as a futile one. As she puts it, you stop the monsters today, but you know for a fact they will be back in 2 days. A cast of other heroes(and villains) are on her team and she knows that her job is both boring and necessary. Kieron Gillen tells the story of one day in her life on the Shield where she must watch as the Zombie-ants try nd break through, train a new recruit who she doesn't fully trust, and watch as an old friend leaves. But, that's only the tip of the iceburg,because by the end, she knows she will fail, and that is where the true excitement is coming. A cliffhanger of an ending makes it seem that this might be a crossover that actually has a lot to do with the overall Secret Wars epic(something that so far no tie-in has). This is a great edition to the tie-ins as it has resounding importance on the main event. It also has some stellar, moody art and a worthy edition of an important character. Theres a 20-day countdown to destruction, and it doesnt seem like theres any chance this will end well. That said, advance notice of doom doesnt have to undercut your investment in a story, nor does it necessarily soften the blow. There is nothing better then watching a battle unfold that you know you are destined to lose, yet you fight anyway. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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