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Who remembers waking up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons when you were kids? Cartoons were your favorite as children, but here is a top 5 list about cartoons even you would binge watch.

Number 5. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

This show is best for fans of Sailor Moon and Power Puff Girls. The main character is an alien princess named Star. She gets sent to Earth and learns about its culture with a boy named Marco. Evil aliens try to invade Earth and steal Star's magic wand. So Star, with the help of Marco, must defeat them. Star has a great personality and reminds of Mabel from Gravity Falls. And Marco isn't some push over loser. He knows karate. Awesome.

Number 4. Gravity Falls

Two siblings named Dipper and Mabel visit a town called Gravity Falls to see their Great Uncle Stan. They are now employees at his Mystery Shack, were Stan sells souvenirs to tourists. But everything in Gravity Falls isn't what it seems to be. Gnomes, giants, and monsters are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a secret conspiracy and Dipper is keen on uncovering it. Plus Mabel's personality oozes with charisma.

Number 3. Steven Universe

This show is about a boy named Steven and his adventures with three of Earth's guardians as he trains to be one himself. This show has great female protagonists and Steven has a lovable personality. Makes for a great show.

Number 2. Regular Show

This one of my personal favorite cartoons. We follow college aged slackers Mordecai and Rigby as they face problems you might have had in college. They work as grounds keepers at a park with their boss Benson and a wide array of unique characters. Plus there are some Sci-Fi and Supernatural events to keep the show interesting. Regular? Anything but.

Number 1. Adventure Time

This show has won multiple awards for a reason. Finn and his magical dog friend Jake go on adventures and generally being heroes. This shows wide range of interesting and unique characters is what gives this cartoon it's charm. Perfect for fans of fantasy,comedy, and adventure.


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