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Be kind with my logic since this is my very first post. ^_^

1. The Letter..

lets be honest guys,i know you all had been thinking that it might be the red hood...but seriously?there is no way that batman would miss a chance of finding robin if he gets hint of it,and then he wouldn't have enough time to take care of superman.and as you can see the article says 'wayne tower devastated'. so it could be anyone,not just some person who knows who the batman is.and in the trailer you can see the great destruction happening in the city,

while batman,superman and wonder woman handle this villain that is causing the destruction,where will the red hood fit in?so it is safe to assume that red hood will not be the part of this movie.

2.Does this batman kill?

you saw him snap that poor bastard's neck,but is that really the batman?look at his chin..

the man fighting has a flat and wide chin,so obviously it can not be ben for now we dont have to worry about batman killing people.

3. Did superman just attack on batman with Killing intent???

of course not!!! these are two different fight scenes that are being brought together in this trailer!
Superman is not a cold blooded killer!see the size of the beam that comes towards batman!

whaaaat the hell is that?you can see there is some greater threat with which batman is dealing in that scene...superman would never attack batman with that kind of power! it is some other villain that possesses power to shoot beams (darkseid? pfffft) or maybe it is some machine that is attacking batman..or as you know Lex is experimenting on Zod...maybe he has created something powerful to defeat the man of steel.

these are the few things i thought we should be clear about,

people are talking about doomsday being in the is actually possible for him to be in the movie thinking that Lex has created him with the help of Zod's DNA?he can not have come from the space,since it defeats the purpose of showing zod's corpse.but these are all rumours!! just wait for the real thing :)

hope you all enjoyed my little article,thanks!


who do you think is the main villain in BvS movie?


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