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If like me you're in that wonderful gray area of generations. We're not Gen X and you hate when people say you're a Millennial, because WE'RE NOT! We're different, we remember how read an actual map, we know how to balance a checkbook, hell we know what checks are. We're different, we're in a class all our own. We're special.

We're also the last generation to have seen some of Disneyland's best attractions.

Swiss Family Treehouse (1962-1999)

It wasn't my favorite attraction, but it was fun to walk through and see how the Robinson's lived.

Country Bear Jamboree (1972-2001)

I can't believe they closed this show. It was my absolute favorite. It was the show you went to see when you needed a break from walking or your family. It also had this smell to it, I can't put it into words, but if you've seen the show you know the smell.

Mike Fink Keel Boats (1955-1997)

The best time to take this ride was at dusk and right before getting dinner and before the parade.

PeopleMover (1967-1995)

This was the ride your parents made you go on so they can relax a bit and hopefully calm you down. It was boring, but memorable.

Star Tours (1987-2010)

I'm in utter shock that they closed Star Tours! What Star Wars knowledge I have comes from Star Tours. I'm sadden to learn it's closed. Who else waved and talked to C3pO while waiting in line?

Motor Boat Cruise (1957-1993)

I'm just mad that it's closed because I was never allowed to drive my own boat. Thanks mom and dad!

Skyway (1955-1994)

Okay, so it was a little terrifying but still it was awesome to see Disneyland from a birds eye view.

Captain EO (1986-Currently On Hiatus)

What kid didn't dance out of the theater after seeing this? I danced all the way to Space Mountain.

Submarine Voyage (1955-1998)

The mermaids!

And lastly the greatest most magnificent attraction at Disneyland.

The Main Street Electrical Parade (1972-1996)

The day was over, you've run your parents around the entire park, begged to go on Space Mountain just one more time. You ate everything you could from the turkey legs, to churros, to dinner at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland and ice cream at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street while you waited for the parade to start. You sat on the curb or on your dad's shoulders, half asleep but determined to see the parade. Finally you hear the music start and you see the first fairy appear. You're wide wake. It's honest to god the best thing you've ever seen. Everyone is there, every character you love and stalked while at the park. You wave fiercely at your favorite Princes hoping she sees you. You get excited and jump up and down when you see Elliott the dragon, but then notice it's the end of the parade. Life sucks, your parents gather all your belongings, and give you the "you only get one souvenir from the gift shop" speech. Life really sucks.

That's the Disneyland I remember, it's the Disneyland I love. Happy 60th Birthday Disneyland and thanks for the wonderful memories!

Tell me your favorite Disneyland rides and memories in the comments below.


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