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I guess the number one reason why Harry Potter was such a big thing was it was over the years like you started off beyond and you got to watch him grow and you got to watch Hermione and Ron and all of them grow and you love the characters excetera excetera. But we're resident evil it was like I got to watch Alice do


right things. She got f***** over so many times yet in every incident she was always trying to help people who are too stupid to realize what they were doing wrong. He's very patient and she was an adult already so in a way she was like a weird role model for me she was a woman she was strong she was smart she never let a guy ruin anythin.She lost a lot of people because some mad man. They can control the world and they thought that they could control her and even though she is the T virus in your body pretty down she even knows that there's an incident that could take over that no one can control humans no one can control DNA because it has a mind of its own. In certain ways Alice told me about life about being who you are helping those who don't want your help. Forming friendships in the worst ways possible. I don't know maybe I'm looking too much into resident evil but I will always forever love the games the movies the comics the everything

Resident Evil forever


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