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What i think about Theo. After every fail the Dread Doctors have, they eliminate them. I think Theo was their first good deal. I think they have to eliminate like 1 person where they're after and then become the good deal. I also think Scott and Stiles will fight because he kills Donovan. Malia and Theo are not related. He wants to hurt Stiles with stealing his girlfriend. A lot of Stydia shippers hope that Stydia will rise then. But no. Marrish will happen. Stiles will be lonely again. Scott too. Kira isn't possesed or something. The Fox is taking the lead now. She will be bad. Stiles might be right after all. Kira might die at the end of 5B. Isaac Lahey might return, like he's all over imdb in Teen Wolf in Episode 5.9 and 10. Slaugh is coming soon too. I also hope Corey will be on for a long of time. He's so sweet and might be a little scorpion and help the pack.

Then for Pretty Little Liars, Mike will return on Tuesday. And maybe some more episodes on 6B. I think Wren was a doctor of Charles and was helping him. I think Ezra is Charles. He came out of nowhere and then it all started. Has a past with Alison and has the age. What will happen after Charles? Maybe they catch him and give Wren the lead? Or catch the wrong Charles? And after that have like a serial killer Charles/Wren. And make some more scary scenses. Then can Toby, Caleb and Mike protect them. I would love to see Toby and Mike toghetter in action.


Are you with me?


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