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Finally is Friday, the weekend is coming and soon it will be Monday. I'm not ready for it. Everyone hates Mondays because some go back to school and some go back to work. But guess what? The Teen Wolf fandom goes back to the drama.

I love Teen Wolf, is such a great TV series but season 5 is killing me; so far there has been a lot (believe a LOT) of victims of the Dread Doctors. On Monday we will be watching the fifth episode and believe it's gonna be great. Let's see what has happened until now.

*Spoilers below*

The Dread Doctors are killing all the no-so-good supernatural creatures

Remember that guy trying to suck Scott's powers with his blue shining claws?

Well he's dead now, it is simply because the doctors don't give second opportunities; if you do not do your work then you are dead. His powers were nice, not every werewolf can just get your powers with his claws, he was a good example of what the doctors are capable of, but sadly we had to say good bye to him.

Look at that crow coming out of his chest, ugh!!
Look at that crow coming out of his chest, ugh!!

Tracy Stewart, the shy and weird girl who became a Kanima

Yes you heard me right, let me tell you the complete story. Tracy had night terrors and she was attending to her help hours with the school counselor, Lydia's mom Natalie Martin. Sadly for her, nothing was getting better and the doctors used her night terrors as a way to change her into a Kanima so she would kill people thinking she still sleep. She killed a couple of people and also she lead Donovan to the doctors. After that Scott took her to Dr. Deaton and there they doscovered she was a Kanima; she scaped after paralyze all and went to the police station to kill Natalie but she didn't because Malie arrived on time to stop her. When everything was going well (except for Lydia getting hurt, I'll explain that later) the doctors killed Tracey in front of Malia and she was the first of the pack to see the doctors.

I wanted her to live :'(
I wanted her to live :'(

Lucas, the kinda scorpion guy

This guy was noticed by Liam, at a party, this guy was trying to kill Brett but Liam saved him then Scott and Kira appeared and it was just too much action in one scene. He was defeated by Scott and his pack but then BOOM!! the doctors killed him and yeah everyone finally saw them.

To be honest it was one of my favorite moments of the episode 'cause when Scott asked them why they did that, they answered "his condition was terminal" making a reference to the episode's name.

bye bye Lucas
bye bye Lucas

Now let's talk about the rest of the events

While everyone was worried about Tracy, the doctors used Donovan as their new experiment. Thanks to this guy we discovered that Theo, the new guy, is working with them so he explained that the doctors have many experiments and only the ones that work well will survive.

After the doctor took his teeth out, this new set appeared, making him a wendigo. A wendigo is associated with cannibalism and they are known for eating human flesh. When he was created, Theo told him to seek revenge for sheriff Stilinski by attacking Stiles.

And he did attack Stiles, which affected to the fandom really bad. I mean I love Stiles because yes. He's such a cutie and knowing tht something may happen to him is just killing me, I can't wait until Monday to know how is him.

Lydia has a pretty bad injury

Our queen feeling the pain :(
Our queen feeling the pain :(

So, after she warned her mom about Tracy she got hurt by her. Lydia instantly fell to the floor bleeding a lot. Then, all the Stydia feelings came to me.

They had to go look for Malia to see if she and Tracy were ok but... Stiles couldn't even move. Theo was helping Lydia while Stiles was having an internal panic attack. C'mon guys is Lydia almost dying on the floor and you cannot lie to me about this, Stiles loves her and he always will that's why he didn't want to move from her side until she said it was ok.

You guys are making me cry with all these edits

Moving on...

It seems like The, most known as Mr. Steal your girl is coming for Malia. Yes guys, sorry Stalia shippers, I respect you but just watch this

This sneak peak is giving us more hints about what's left to come in this season, I'm so curious about the visions tha Malia is having, I'm pretty sure we will discover what happened when she had the accident 8 years ago.

And if you wanna something about Theo and her you can comment your opinions below. I will leave this around here

Theo is gonna steal the girl, just sayin
Theo is gonna steal the girl, just sayin

To end with this:

Lately and thanks to the SDCC we know Teen Wolf will have a sixth season, also we got a sneak peak of the rest of the season where we will have the explanation to many things such as this one

So... you love Scott but know you are trying to kill him, oh that's not ok. In the video we can hear Kira saying thhat she is going away because she needs to know who she really is. Let me give you my opinion, she's turning into a freaking killer! Sadly we'll have to wait to discover what is happening here.


On fire baby!!
On fire baby!!

WTF is Parrish? That's the question we all have been asking since season 4 and we need answers right now. He actually can't remember what he does in the middle of the night next to the Nemeton and with burning human bodies around him.

So many things have happened so far in this season, I just hope we can get answers any time soon.

Below I will leave the sneak peaks and the promos of Teen Wolf, any comment you have let me know in the section below. And don't forget to watch Teen Wolf mondays on MTV.


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