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... because it's a messge from Jason is stupid. Is says jokes on u cause its the joker and he's fucking with batman.The paper says "u let ur family die" because he feels guilty for at least just Jason's death.His argument that the j tattoo Rlly means Jason? It seems like an English teacher reading too much into things. Why would joker have a j tattoo?? Um Idk maybe cause he's the joker and joker starts with a J? "Oh I wonder why joker has tattoos of clowns and smiles on him. Must be signs from jason"- or maybe because that's kinda the jokers thing, and he has the metal teeth cause they are going for a more gangster look, which explains the tattoos and the controversial "damaged" and it most probably says damaged because the joker is self aware that he's crazy,or in this case "damaged". And Why would joker have tatoos saying "HAHAHAHHAHA"? And why would he have tattoos of playing cards? And why would he have a tatoo saying "Harleys only"? -Those dont sound very joker like (sarcasm) I like the thought put into this I think That ur thinking too much into this. All these ideas u give work just as well with it being regular good old joker.

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