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this will tell you some deaths.

when you first see the picture and the way the young British bloke dressed you thought, why is he dressed like a wanna be Justin Beiber? is that what they think we look like over here? hes not even from here. but taking away the wanna be gangster white "boi" image i gave it a chance. OH MY GOD MUST SEE MOVIE. when i watch movies i look for certain things to go off of.



story line

effects i am meh about because i love B rated and lower movies which is why i love quieten Tarantino movies. kinsman he secrete service was very real, the acting was amazing the cast they used was great well put together even for the few i had not heard of. they were with some top listed actors and they themselves were just as good. Michael Caine has been in great movies before and has always had me on he tip of my seat. SAM Jackson....well come on hes MotherF*****G Samuel L Jackson he did his hardcore character so real that he made the movie. it was update with all going on,with social media taking over and honestly how a real villain would act to this day of 2015. he had me laughing gasping and cringing from the real way blood would be shed in this day and age. his sidekick had the steering to strike fear in your body but at thew same time wanna know on a more private level * just hoping to see the next morning*. Colin GOD that man puts even johnny Depp to shame, hes been causing women to faint since we saw pride and prejudice his amazing acting in conspiracy ( amazing special in my opinion) he brought such...he was amazing the way he moved the class and stances he had. ( THAT BOYS IS WHAT A TRUE GANGSTER LOOKS LIKE) He could rob you and take you to bed in the same day. he was a big part in the movie and the fact that he was ( spoiler) killed so suddenly was a real deal. the movie was already real to see him fall. but i will admit i kept waiting for him to pop back up with some excuse at the end, but the fact that he did not made it so much sweeter. he moved the story line along well and was amazing in the church scene. ( sexy to the end)

Taron Egerton last but certainly not least, i have very little to say about him....for now. hes sexy young and a damn good actor i look forward to seeing him in many more roles. he would do good in a film similar setting to something like maze runner if he keeps up the good work maybe even a brad pit movie in his near future "wink wink"


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