ByBecca N, writer at I've come to expect when defending Klaroline.. I feel like the disconnect that's happening here between fans is important to recognize. Klaroline fans are guilty of saying some very harsh and vulgar things to actors/writers/creators. I'm more than willing to admit that. The disconnect happens when that behavior is used as a weapon to attack Klaroline fans for anything and everything that goes wrong with The Originals. Any sort of criticism is linked back to Klaroline fans or blamed on them. Unfortunately, that's exactly the nerve your article hit, which is why I think you got such a visceral reaction. For the past two years, Klaroline fans have been belittled, laughed at, dismissed, and pretty much accused of being the worst of the worst. Fans suck sometimes. Delena fans, Klayley fans, Steroline fans, Klamille fans, Bamon fans and on and on and on. And yet without fail, any time someone wants to point out bad behavior... you get a Klaroline name drop. I don't blame you for defending Leah or your favorite character, and I appreciate the fact that you're still learning. I wish you much future success! My one tip for you is to leave the shipper bias (good and bad) at home when constructing articles like this one. For a good example, look up the Wetpaint coverage of the same issue. They handled it with grace, objectivity, and and a hopeful look to the future. Thanks!

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