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Marvel's take on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will release in 2017. People are already discussing who the baddie should be in this film. After doing some research and listening to other people's opinions, I know the perfect Spidey villain for the movie. Chameleon AKA Dmitri Smerdyakov. I'm going to keep these facts short and sweet.

Spider-man's First Major Villain

The Chameleon debuted in the very first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. This make's him the first villain Spidey ever faced and therefore the first that he should fight in his first movie at Marvel.

His Equipment

Chameleon has had different equipment depending on what version of him you are referring to so I will go over both main versions.

Original Adaptation Equipment... He was equipped with masks so life-like they were impossible to distinguish from the real face and clothing that changed colors when sprayed with a gas he created.

New Adaptation Equipment... He is equipped with memory material which morphs into whatever desired clothing he wishes, a computer belt that scans whoever he sees and changes his appearance and clothes to match, knockout darts, knockout gas and smoke bombs.

Keeping It Street-Level

What many people would like to see in the movie is a street-level hero fighting a street-level villain. While Chameleon is certainly a big bad, he isn't really a global threat, which keeps Spider-Man where he should be- the streets of New York City.

Mean Half Brother

An interesting fact to Chameleon is that his half-brother is actually another Spider-Man villain, Kraven the Hunter. This would be the perfect set up to a future Spider-Man film.

We Don't Have To See Uncle Ben Die Again!

Chameleon is a master of disguise, he is an actor and can change his voice to match those of which he is disguised. If he found out Spider-Man's real identity some time in the film, he could torture him mentally by turning into Uncle Ben. Peter Parker's reaction will tell the audience all they need to know about Uncle Ben. This way, we don't have to watch the broken record that is Uncle Ben's death.

First Time to Shine

This villain has never been featured on the screen before, which is, of course, what Marvel plans on doing for the film

Marvel Connections

Dmitri Smerdyakov (Chameleon) was originally a Soviet spy. Sound familiar? It should. He fought alongside, for a time, with Natasha Romanoff (who just so happens to be Black Widow on the Avengers). This would be a great way of showing connection between Spider-Man and the rest of the MCU.

The Message

In a video by Venom2000000, he points out that, if someone posed as Spider-Man, it could show the meaning of who he really is, what it means to be Spider-Man (which would be a good message for the first film). Well guess what? Chameleon has posed as Spider-Man as well as his half brother, Kraven.

False Resurrection

Aside from his insane acting skills, Chameleon is extremely smart. In the past, he has created robots that look identical to Peter's parents. This is along the lines of the Uncle Ben thing I mentioned earlier, but it's also a clever

way of explaining the past without taking 15 minutes to tell the audience that his parents are dead.


What do you think? Should Chameleon be Spider-Man's next foe?


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