ByAjuć 00, writer at done right. I still remember the disapointment that botched movie caused in Poland in '00s. But I don't think adaptation of story from games should be the first move. In fact, I don't think they should start with a movie at all. It should be a TV series, starting with 2 seasons for adaptation of short stories from The Last Wish, and The Sword of Destiny. The best Witcher franchise has to offer are these 2 books, and they are also starting point - they introduce the most important characters, and showcase what The Witcher franchise is all about - hard moral choices, dark fantasy with specific humour, action, sex, and a little of philosophy. They can be easily made into great (if short - at most 2 seasons) TV series. Then there are the novels - 5 books + a prequel. It's a choice - it could be made into a trilogy (or pentalogy, but trilogy would suffice IMHO), or just into next few seasons of TV series. Would work either way. And only then there is time for adapting story from games. It can be hard for TW1, because it used some stories from the books with different characters, for example Alvin is a clone of Ciri, and he plays very important role. But it can be worked around I think.

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