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I love Fan Theories! I mean who doesn’t? One theory about The Joker’s Identity that Stephen Adamson wrote based on the idea of a Reddit User Jason-G169 really got me thinking! In a nutshell, The theory is that Jared Leto's Joker is actually Jason Todd, the former Robin in the Batman Comics. I have chosen to expand on it a little more to support the theory even further and give more own theory.

First off, we all know that Heath Ledger played a phenomenal Joker in The Dark Knight Trilogies! He was so great in fact, that Nolan chose not to mention The Joker’s name or his involvement in the third film, because of his untimely death. That being said, don’t you think the new director, Zach Snyder, would’ve done the same thing for the new DC films?

Here are some key points that I agree with from the previous article and again I will expand on why I agree with it and more:

With the new Joker being a bit more extreme with the tattoos and silver grill, It forces you to think, “This isn’t the Joker I grew up with?” That’s probably what the director wanted you to think, because maybe "in reality"… this isn’t the real Joker… The theory suggests that it's Jason Todd, but I honestly think it's Tim Drake! And I will explain why.

In the trailer for Batman Vs. Superman we see what appears to be an old Robin suit with yellow graffiti writing on it, that reads “Haha! Jokes on you Batman”. This is a nod to indicate that The Joker is involved with either the disappearance or death of Robin in the movie. What if that’s the joke? Meaning that the real Joker tricked Batman into thinking that Tim Drake AKA Robin was killed by The Joker. If that be the case, then who is Jared Leto's Joker beating up in the Suicide Squad movie? Another Robin perhaps?

This is what I think happened, the real Joker(instead of beating Jason Todd), beats Tim Drake to a bloody pulp until he realizes that he wants a son of his own. He then thinks, Batman has a team that he can work with. That team is basically family to Batman, now why can’t The Joker have a family of his own? So The Joker steals Drake and brainwashes him into thinking that Batman is the real villain! Much like what almost happened in the movie Hook when Captain James Hook wanted Pan’s kids to love him. Hook even went as far as making Pan’s son dress the part.

The real Joker gave Drake white(Michael Jackson) skin, dyed his hair neon green and branded him with a “J” on his cheek to show that he was The Joker’s son! The extra tattoos came later because I personally think Tim Drake killed the real Joker to try to escape, but in so doing only made it worse because Batman needs a yin to his yang. Which was explained by Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight movie as to why The Joker and Batman cannot kill each other... only hurt each other “...really really bad!”

Staying with the trailer, we notice that Bruce is given a letter that had a newspaper of an incident that happened at Wayne’s Tower. It read’s “You let your family die”. This is a pretty strong message. Notice that it is written in red lipstick. Hmmm… I wonder why? Obviously the red lipstick is from The Joker AKA Tim Drake who knows more about Batman than meets the eye.

Another interesting thing that is found in the trailer is what appears to be Latin Americans celebrating Day of the Dead while also worshiping the Man of Steel in their midst. The reason I find this interesting is because this could further confirm that Tim Drake is in fact The Joker. If you know about Tim Drake’s parents, then you also know that they were kidnapped and sacrificed by The Obeah Man. The Obeah Man is a Voodoo criminal who is after the Drake Industries and who happens to live in Haiti. And where is Haiti located? Latin America! Why is The Man of Steel there I wonder? Did the natives believe that Superman was a god who they needed to sacrifice the Drakes in order to please him? Could THAT be the reason why we’re getting a Batman Vs. Superman Movie?

Granted that we see a tombstone in the trailer that reads “Richard John Grayson”(another former Robin), I’m not convinced that the Robin suit is his. My money is on Tim Drake!

More proof that Tim Drake is in fact the New Joker, here is a clip that shows a young Robin turning into the "The Boy Joker":


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