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Now that Jurassic World has made all the money ever, another sequel is sure to follow. And I don't know about you, but for me Jurassic World was one big "meh" of a film. Now Universal has a choice to make: whether to attempt a smarter series reminiscent of the first Jurassic Park, or to continue down this rehashed monster-action movie direction.

The film starts in an InGen research lab. A scientist checks the status of cells in a petri dish. Dish after dish, the result come up negative: no life. But remarkable, a single dish comes back: life!

After a few seconds to grasp the reality of this outcome, the scientist races down the halls to his boss and shows him the dish. The boss is overcome by joy too as the two begin celebrating.

"Do you know what this is John?"
"What sir?"
"A billion freaking dollars, that's what this is!"

Cut to Owen Grady, aka Chris Pratt doing what he loves most; training animals. Only now he's training dogs for some off-brand road show. An audience watches on as he struggles to control the stupid animals.

"Come on you idiot, million year-old birds could do this."

After the deeply flawed performance, Owen exits the stage in frustration and walks to his training area. Along the way a vice president of InGen, Sherman Carlyle, tries speaking with Owen.

"Quiet the performance you gave out there son."
"Though they did seem a touch... unresponsive"
"Tell me about it"
"How would you like the opportunity to revisit some more responsive friends of yours? The boat ride would be on me."
"Boat ride?"
"Well bus to plane to boat."
"To where?"
"You could consider it a vacation, to a tropical island, with a very unique amusement park."
"Hell no."

Sherman propositions Owen to accompany him to the destroyed Jurassic World theme park but Owen is adamant.

"At the snap of a finger I could get you out of this pit you work in, you'd never see a day of work through your life of luxury."
"What makes you think I don't like it here? Did it ever occur to you that training animals is my calling."
"Maybe so, but not these ones."
"And for your information, after your company's little... (whispered)experiment... I got all the money I could ask for to keep quiet."

But Sherman presses on.

"There must be something on this Earth that could convince you to go."
"There's not a number you could write on a check, a drug you could give me, or a woman you could put in my bed that'd make me say yes."
"Listen, i don't know what you're looking for on that island, but I'll ask this once, is it worth your life?"
"What about a chance to fix all the wrong done at that park? To save more lives than those lost?" Millions of lives in fact.. Because, yes, yes it does some worth it to me."

Sherman explains that in the InGen lab, they discovered a vaccine to a very deadly virus. The only problem is that the vaccine is very costly and difficult to make, and as a result millions of people all over the world die. But he looked deep into the InGen records to find a living experiment that produced such a chemical.

"A dinosaur."
"Which one?"
"One that you have quite rare experience with."
"I trained raptors, I didn't hunt them."
"You understood them. And that's what I need"

Owen claims that Sherman and InGen are just out to make another cheap profit. Sherman responds by showing Owen a picture of Sherman with his father in a hospital bed. Sherman reveals that his father died to the disease, and...

"This isn't about money, profits, it isn't a cash crab, I'm not here to fill my wallet. I'm here to make good on a promise I made to my father on that day. Will you help me?"

And finally Grady is on board. Sherman explains to Owen that all he needs is a large DNA sample to synthesize in the lab, as InGen erased all records of Jurassic World to avoid backlash from the I. Rex incident.

Next we find Owen and Sherman watching a helicopter land on the helipad on the back of a ferry. In the background, a familiar jungle island. Owen and Sherman run into the helicopter as it takes off toward the island. Inside, Dr. Henry Wu, the man behind the science of the park, and Donovan Reese, expert marksman and hunter sit.

When Owen realizes who Wu is, he immediately punches him in the face and they get into an argument about the ethics of Wu's work.

"People died. A lot of people died. All because you were too focused on doing the next big thing instead doing of the right thing."
"(clutching bleeding nose)Don't you think I know that? You don't think that all doesn't haunt me? Seeing that you're here, Carlyle probably gave you the same speech he gave me about saving lives. We're here for the same reason. We're trying to right the wrongs of the past."
"Yeah, except I never did anything wrong."

After this encounter is over, seconds of silence are broken by an eager yet collected Donovan who asks about what to expect from the dinosaurs on the island.

"They've needed to survive years and years without us, and they only way to do that is to hunt. You can expect them to be stronger, smarter: fighters, hunters, wild, hungry. Nothing I've ever experienced before."

Donovan is creepily excited by Owen's warnings.

"What do we need this guy for?"
"You said you weren't a hunter. He is. This is Donovan Reese, big game hunter. He has singlehandedly hunted and killed lions, tigers, elephants, the next logical step is dinosaur."
"You killed an elephant?"

The helicopter flies over familiar sights. Fields once full of herbivores grazing now lay empty. Not a single dinosaur is to be found. They land on an overgrown field and get out to explore. Donovan brings with him a massive gun filled with tranquilizers. Owen is surprised by the amount of heat he's packing.

"By the time you can move and aim that thing, a raptor will be on to its next target."
Donovan confidently chuckles to himself and walks away.
"Good thing I'm not hunting raptors."

They explore the landscape, walking into a forest. Owen takes in all the signs of life; scratches on tree bark, half-buried skeletons, paths in the dirt. Rustling causes Donovan to jump and shoot a tranquilizer. Small birds flurry out of the bushes.

"He's our hunter?"

Owen begins carrying a tranquilizer with him. They get back into the helicopter and head to the park itself. The park has aged, now with plants cracking the cement and vines hanging off the walls.

While exploring the grounds, a shriek in the distance is heard. They all run outside to find an herbivore dinosaur being attacked by a velociraptor. Finally the herbivore is dead and the raptors feast. Owen makes his move and shoots the raptor. The raptor hits the ground and begins trembling. Owen cautiously approaches it until he realizes it's incapacitated and he grabs it as it continues to shake. He asks Sherman for the device to take a DNA sample but Sherman refuses. Owen rips the tranquilizer out of the raptor and blood pours onto him. The raptor shrieks out in agony and continues convulsing until finally it stops and dies. Owen is furious.

"I thought you said it was a tranquilizer!"
"It is."
"So why the hell is that raptor dead?"
"Perhaps because it wasn't meant to subdue a raptor."
"Then what?"
"Something... bigger"

It is revealed to Owen that they are on the island to in fact hunt the infamous Indominus Rex.

O: "Well good luck with that, I saw the thing die myself."
(Sherman laughs)
S: "If there's one lesson the history of this park has taught us Mr. Grady, it's that life always finds a way."
O: But it's dead.
Wu: "There were others, many others. The shareholders ordered another batch to be made after hearing initial responses to Indominus. They were just eggs at the time."

Suddenly, an angry roar in the distance. Everything stops and they all turn to see movement far in the distance. Owen instantly recognizes it as the Indominus's scream and starts hurrying to escape, with Wu right behind him, but Sherman cuts them off.

S: "Where are you two going? We've only just baited the trap."
O: "I didn't sign up for this, I'm going back."
S: "And what about you Wu? After all, they are your demons out there. And here you are, cowering away from your sole chance of redemption."
W: "Trust me, I've seen an angry one before, staying here won't do anyone any good."

Owen and Wu decide to head back to the helicopter, going a long route to avoid running into the impending Indominus Rex. Sherman and Donovan stay to try to subdue the creature. Donovan shows more signs of fear and nervousness and Sherman ends up regretting remaining with him.

As the trek through the ruined park and an overgrown jungle, Owen is saddened to see this amazing place gone to waste and blames it on Wu. Although Owen is mad at Wu, he also know the best years of his life were given to him due to Wu's work.

"Such a... magical place, before you had to play God"
"That 'magic' was decades of study and research. And play god? Which time? Nothing I did here was natural. All of it, my creation."
"At least everything before Indominus had existed before, created by real life."
"Are you sure about that? Indominus isn't as different from the rest of your precious 'dinosaurs'. Everything in here has been engineering, changed, an altered. Those raptors or yours? The first one I made came out two feet tall and covered in feathers. But no Hammond said, people won't pay to see ugly birds, they want Dinosaurs. Culture didn't fit with history, so I made it. Everything here is a product, a preconception, a toy, a fake. So don't think it's any different than the rest of my creations, nothing here is true. Indominus is just the last in long chain of genetic alteration, the next evolution in the Jurassic world."

Their argument is cut short when Owen realizes they are being followed. Owen tells Wu they should try to cross a river to stop their followers. Before they get far, a pack of raptors surround them. They are about to pounce when Owen recognizes one of them, Blue, the best trained raptor from his days at Jurassic World.

Blue yells at the other raptors as he tries to figure out/remember exactly who Owen is. Finally Owen reaches out and places his hand on Blue's head. Blue remembers his trainer and allows Owen closer. Owen notices Blue is riddled with scars. The other raptors continue to approach, sniffing the blood on Owen's leg.

One lunges at Wu. Blue intercepts this raptor and the two humans start sprinting like hell out of there. A chase through the jungle ensues, with Blue fending off the other raptors until Owen and Wu make it to the river. To his astonishment, the raptors continue attacking them into the water. The raptors knock down a tree into the river while attempting to get closer. Owen and Wu grab onto the trunk and it carries them downstream.

Meanwhile, Sherman and Donovan watch as the Indominus approaches the dead "raptor". Indominus pushes the body around and makes sounds as if it were grieving. It picks up on a smell and starts off in the direction Owen and Wu went. They go after it. After trekking far into the jungle, Donovan loses the trail. Sudden it appears directly ahead of them, using it's camouflage to go unseen.

The beast takes heavy sniffs of air. Donovan freaks out and shoots a tranquilizer at it. This only brings attention to them and Indominus begins to chase them until it suddenly stops to sniff the air again, and departs.

Owen and Wu wash up on shore, blood from the raptor on Owen's pants seeps into the water. A pack of grazing herbivores lies in front of them. Owen and Wu get up to observe the majesty of the beasts and spot their helicopter in the distance.

As they start off, the screeches of raptors fill the field. The herbivore dinosaurs begin to run, stampede, away from the sound. Owen and Wu follow. They must weave and bob around the huge beasts as well as the raptors trying to get them.

But an even louder, angrier roar echoes through the field. Everything stops. The herbivores and raptors begin to retreat as Owen and Wu continue forward until they come face to face with the Indominus, standing between them and their helicopter.

Sherman runs out of the forest telling them to run. Indominus sniffs the air, focusing on Owen. The Rex calls out with different noises, then charges. Sherman watches in horror and behind him the wind starts to kick up as Donovan begins piloting the helicopter, abandoning everyone.

Wu begins to run but Owen holds his ground, taking aim with his tranquilizer. He fires and the beast goes down. Everyone meets up at the downed Indominus. Sherman asks how Owen got the creature to go down and Owen tells him he aimed for the heart, as hitting anywhere else wouldn't do much. They inspect the dinosaur, amazingly finding it to be a male.

Owen walks in front of the nose and the beast opens its eyes, sniffing his leg. Though conscious, the beast isn't able to move. Sherman takes a blood sample and they all run back to the park to get to the boat.

Owen tells them he doesn't think what he killed earlier was a raptor.

"If that wasn't a raptor, what was it?"
"A baby."

Owen figures this is why the Indominus has been chasing him and why the raptors wanted to kill him.

They reach the park and begin walking around the monorail track. They get to the park of the monorail that sits above the pool where they hear a large rumbling ahead of them. Out from the trees, a T. Rex steps out.

"And I think we just found it's mother."

They try to run back but find the I. Rex at the other side. The dinosaurs try to get onto the rail but into crumbles under their feet. The three decide to jump down to the half full pool a hundred feet below. They jump and find the water to be much shallower than they thought. Sherman breaks his ankle crashing into the floor of the pool. The two dinosaurs follow them into the pool, walking through the water. The three swim until they find a massive carcass, one belonging to the massive sea creature from the previous film.

They take shelter in the still decomposing skeleton. The two Rexes tear their way through the carcass but the three escape into a deeper section of the pool where they can't be followed.

The three reach a broken doorway that leads to underneath the park and race inside as the Rexes run toward them. They run through underground tunnels,

W:"They were built to help people safely escape in case of an... incident"
O:"Then why weren't they used?"
W:"I wouldn't be so sure they weren't, I'm still alive aren't I?"

which begin to collapse as the Indominus pursues them from above. Suddenly though, it seems that the Indominus has given up. The three walk the rest of the way until they reach the exit and the boat is in sight... sailing away from shore. The sun has now set.

Donovan races to the controls of the boat and starts it up, only to find none other than Blue and his other raptors, staring at him.

Screams occur and Donovan gets his comeuppance from abandoning everyone to die.

With no one to steer the boat, it crashes back to shore. Owen and the team make it to the boat and run into the raptors. Before the blood thirsty raptors can pounce, the two Rexes show up and climb onto the boat, pushing them all back out into the water by accident.

Now the three race across the boat while being attacked by raptors and the Rexes. The darkness helps them navigate the underbelly of the ship.

They are finally cornered until Owen uses the vial of blood Sherman has for samples and breaks it, drawing everything to its scent, and they escape to the helicopter.

As they fly away, Sherman is horrified by the loss of his vial, but Owen realizes he still has the Indominus's blood all over him and it can be used. They fly away having accomplished their mission and survived. THE END.

So what did you think? Would you watch it? Does it do justice to the franchise? Is it just the dumbest thing you've ever read? Tell me in the comments!


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