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If you've ever watched Jeopardy and thought it would be better if it covered less scholastic topics and more useless, nerdy knowledge topics while taking place in a bar then the show you've been waiting for has finally arrived!

Geeks Who Drink is the television version of a popular bar trivia game that is taking the nation by storm and played in over 600 bars across the country. Zachary Levi (famous to geeks everywhere for starring in the popular – and deeply missed – spy comedy Chuck and soon to be seen in Heroes: Reborn) executive produces the show with his production company, The Nerd Machine, and also hosts...rather epically.

The show premiered last night (or...if you're reading this some other day of the week on Thursday, July 16th) at 11pm EST on SyFy. The show follows a fairly simple format: two teams of geeks lead by a celebrity captain compete in a game of geeky trivia topics for bar tab money and bragging rights. The premier episode featured Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS: Los Angeles) leading the Han Solo Cups while Scott Porter (Hart of Dixie) captained Tequila Mockingbird.

I gotta say I love the wordplay of the team names.

Topics ranged from "Batman or Superman?" wherein a statement was read by Zach that described a characteristic of one of the characters and the contestants simply had to say which character. It's a simple enough concept but it was also, oddly enough, the category in which I missed my only answer.

When stated that "Kevin Smith once had him pee his pants" I incorrectly said Superman because I had forgot that Smith wrote a few Batman comics and instead thought about his once abandoned (and recently remembered) script for Superman Lives.

Hey...nobody's perfect.

Other topics included a similarly styled "GI Joe or A Real America Hero?" and the selected final round topic, "Where There's a Will There's a Way," in which contestants had three seconds to name a movie featuring Will Ferrel.

The show is a lot of fun. There aren't a lot of outlets for geeks, nerds and socially challenged people to get their fix without dishing out crap loads of money to attend their nearest comic con. It's a breath of fresh air for people like me who want to feel validated for their years spent soaking up seemingly useless trivia knowledge.

I tweeted after the episode aired that my wife always knew I was a geek but that watching me play along with the episode reached a new level for her. She was actually taken aback when I correctly (and quickly) answered the question: "Take the number of antennas on Bender's (from Futurama) head plus the number of Asimov's Laws of Robotics. What's the answer?"

I'll save you the trouble...the answer is 4.

If you knew that...good for you. If you didn't...try harder.

So what's the gist of all this? Well, basically it's just that you should freshen your drinks and join the show next Thursday (and all subsequent Thursdays) for as long as the show lasts. Which will hopefully be a while.

And me? I plan to be on the show one day. I'm currently hard at work as to figure out how because I've honestly never looked into being on a game show before. I guess...I guess I was just saving myself for the right game show...

Geeks Who Drinks returns next week with comedian iJustine and Firefly star Alan Tudyk leading their respective geeks unto the breech. Do yourselves a favor and make sure you don't miss it.

Geeks Who Drink airs on SyFy Channel Thursdays at 11pm.


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