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It's constantly debated who would win in a fight and who's better but If this was a game Batman would have yelled checkmate years ago!

Here are a few petty facts that prove Batmans' been better than Superman for decades

Batman writes superman's checks. That's right People, Bruce Wayne is part owner of the Daily planet, the place where Clark Kent punches in. While self determined immigrants have surfed to America's shores on Ranch Dorito chips, picked themselves up, worked hard and built there own multimillion dollar businesses, Kal-el came to earth on a space ship to peek as a news paper reporter. (Smh those lazy Khryptonians) Our sun's rays apparently have no impact on his financial ambition or 401k... P.s. This is nothing like Peter Parker who takes pictures for the Daily Bugle, what he does is cool.

I go by the name of Lois lane and you could be my boyfriend you surely can, just let me quit my boyfriend called superman Bruce Wayne visited metropolis once, bagged Lois Lane in like 3 minutes, it wasn't faster than a speeding bullet but damn. As Clark Kent he supported her professionally, as superman he literally picked her up and flew her around the world holding hands . But when a rich n***a wants ya Bruce Wayne and miss Lane went out for a while until she found out he was Batman, and later cut things off. Hey! maybe that's why Jennifer Garners' leaving Ben Affleck!? Anyway you'll never find superman dating batman's old flames like Cat woman, Batgirl or Wonder Woman, (Batman gets them all).Does superman ever talk to anybody other than Lois? ...he looks like a sucker, in a blue and red suit

Lastly, the whole reason batman was created, was because superman just wasn't real enough. Superman lacked grit, struggle, and swag. He has way too many powers, he has all the powers, they squeezed five X-men into one person and wanted us to cheer every time he stopped a lady from getting her Purse snatched. Batman earned it and learned it, no powers given. He spent his adolescence and adult life traveling the world picking up skills constantly pushing the envelope of human potential. Batman bleeds like we do, the alien lame from Smallville barely sneezes.

I'm sure they're superman fans out there that just can't except the facts, I'm open for conversation, but let me start off by saying



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