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Joe Gunsenhouser

First things first, here's what we know...Wonder Woman will be involved and will be getting into shit, and at one point, Bats and Supes will play how hard can you punch. We definitely know that there was a Robin at some point, and hopefully, this version was Jason Todd. We also know that Lex and the politicians will enjoy drinks discussing sports, weather, and religion. We also know it will all end...with Justice.

I put this on my FB fan page after reading it simply because it was interesting and some of it could be a version of what we'll see in 8 months...

As I read this reddit piece, I couldn't help but think how much of it was possibly accurate and how any of it could or would end up on the screen in some form. Like every other CBM (comic book movie) freak, I've probably watched the BVS trailer more times than I've eaten in a year and after studying certain screenshots and reading every plot spoiler and script detail I could find, including this reddit plot piece, I can say with some partially intelligent certainty that some of the items we see in the trailer do, in fact, coincide with some of the elements of this reddit bit. Now, I say coincide meaning that for everything we see in the trailer, there's something in this plot detail article that matches almost perfectly.

Example, He befriends Jim Olsen, a photographer who lost his legs in Zod's invasion, but doesn't blame Superman, and applied for the Daily Planet because they defend Superman, and they cover a football game between Metropolis and Gotham City in which Clark meets Victor Stone, a quarterback for the Metropolis team whose father, Dr. Silas Stone, is an robotic engineer at S.T.A.R. Labs who spearheaded a new high-tech prosthesis program which includes Jim's legs. Now we know that Scoot McNairy was caught in a few shots wearing green leggings a long time ago, and that is probably why.

Clark has been studying the Batman's sightings despite his editor, Perry White, not seeing any potential in that story. Again, we see this for a few seconds with Perry telling Clark that nobody cares if Clark Kent wants to take on the Batman. And let's not forget how the trailer opens with Holly Hunter's Senator speaking about Superman. Well, my first thought was who contacted him about appearing in front of a committee...Superman is later informed by General Swanwick, one of his fiercest supporters within the government, that the Congress has ordered him to attend a summit in Washington, D.C. to discuss his place in the world. Considering how MOS ended with Supes telling Swanwick that he wanted him to advocate for him to DC, that actually fits very well. And as for the eye-popping footage of the two powerhouses plowing through rooftops, there's this...Batman attracts Superman to the abandoned neighborhood being rebuilt by Wayne Enterprises and fights him with an armored suit, Kryptonite-based weapons and several buildings and vehicles that have been booby-trapped with Batman's arsenal of anti-Superman weapons. The fight is vicious and ends with Superman victorious. Batman urges Superman to kill him, but Superman refuses. Batman then reveals that the fight was designed to test Superman. When pressed for the signal jammer, Batman declares innocence, and they join forces to locate the true mastermind behind the conspiracy.

So, there's nothing to take to heart but you can definitely see the similarities and accuracies between the reddit plot detail piece and what we've seen so far..and as far as all the Suicide Squad theories and commotion, I think I'll cover that on my next piece...thanks for reading and tell me what you think.


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