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We all know that the highly anticipated justice league movie will be here in the next few years, but did they get the casting right? Many would speculate that Gal Gadot won’t live up to the hype of the amazing amazon princess. As you can tell by my grammar I’m no professional and this is solely my opinion as a fan but id love to see what everyone thinks!

Well here it goes...

superman-henry cavill

batman- christian bale

wonder woman- Bridget Regan

aquaman- kevin mckidd

martian manhunter-Doug Jones

the flash-Ryan Reynolds

green lantern-Idris Elba

hawkman-Sam Worthington

green arrow- stephen amnell

robin- dylan o brien

nightwing-matt bomer

captain atom- james caviezel

batgirl- emma stone


what do yall think... besides the grammar

stay tune for the villains…


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