ByDan Harding, writer at
Why do people(non fans of the franchise) keep saying we need a fresh start?No we don't, There's just nothing like Mass Effect. The story, The Characters, The emotions, Its so great. Don't fix what aint broke, Bioware are basically shitting on us true fans of the series. They should just call this game Andromeda because it aint Mass Effect without Shepard and the crew, I admit that the ending was very poorly done, But it was poorly done because they'd created such a fan base of love for the game, Appreciation for the game, that it truly needed to be an epic end battle with the Reapers, Where ur choices actually had a massive impact on the end game. Where you were taken to each species to see how they've coped after the Reaper war, How uniting the geth & Quarians and Turians & Krogan & Salarians affected the galaxy, Where Shepard actually survived and was seen hanging with his crew and there families, and sharing stories and enjoying a well deserved war medal each. And during all these cut scenes you have ur normal choices of interaction with ur team and family (Shepards mum should defo have made an appearance) andf then at the very end of the game, You suit up and go back to work, Then just before the end credits start, A cut scene comes on in DARK SPACE where the Reapers actually have called for reinforcements from other parts of DARK SPACE or even other galaxies, and start preparing for plan B!!! Or another powerfull Alien force Even stronger and smarter than the Reapers are coming to the Milky Way.. Or to be honest i could do this all day, My point is, that True fans don't want change. We love the series just how it is, But i guess its true what they say, You don't get anything for loyalty anymore..

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