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I first saw this poster accidentally as I scrolled through Facebook a few days ago. And I mustn't have seen it very clearly because it was only yesterday that I really saw it. This poster isn't as hectic as a full-cast poster of the Avengers, but there is a lot to discuss. And I'm going to do that right now.

The X-Men movies have been up and down over the years, and I think I stand for a lot of people when I say that X-Men: First Class was the best one. None of them have really surpassed it, because as much as I wanted Days of Future Past to be great, all it proved to be was a mindf*ck and a film that didn't really achieve anything. A lot of it took place in the past and didn't really affect the future so I was left feeling pretty deflated.

First Class was elegant, and the plot was simple, you knew who the bad guys were, and who you wanted to win. Magneto managed to hone in on his ego and fight for the good guys right up until the end, and the ensemble cast seemed to have it together. So when Days of Future Past came around I was excited. And it was a good film, the costumes were great, but it was more complicated than Inception. There were two bad guys, one of which remarkably more bad than the other and a lot of plots that were either left alone or used too much. So, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that I wasn't excited for Age of Apocalypse when I saw the little snippet at the end of Days of Future Past.

Michael Muller for Entertainment Weekly
Michael Muller for Entertainment Weekly

But I am eating my words. I looked at the cast for this film and just that was enough to stir my interest. I knew about Quicksilver and the rest of the new additions, but I didn't know about Oscar Isaac playing Apocalypse or Olivia Munn playing Psylocke. I'm trying to remain calm about Psylocke because I didn't see her coming but was waiting for her to be in one of these films.

And not only is she in the film, but she is on the cover of the poster. And we get to see a glimpse of what her costume is. Now, Psylocke is Betsy Braddock for those who are unaware, and her powers revolve around her mind. Telekinesis, she's able to create a katana with her mind, and all the rest. I suppose the part that's most interesting to me is that they have cast Olivia Munn. We all know that Munn is beautiful, and she's talented, and intelligent, but she's also half-Chinese. Psylocke could have been cast as a white woman, but Marvel came to their senses and cast a WoC because Psylocke is Asian - Japanese specifically, which is still a problem, but progessive nonetheless.

Michael Muller for EW
Michael Muller for EW

Age of Apocalypse comes out in theaters in 2016, which means we have a lot of time to take in all of the cast members and get excited about it, and I'm hoping that Bryan Singer can take more from his First Class days than his Days of Future Past ones to make an even greater film in Age of Apocalypse.


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