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The 90s slasher classic Scream written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven was a cult classic from the moment we all watched it. It showed us a different kind of horror film that we could relate to more than most others. From Friday the 13th to Evil Dead, Scream really puts things into perspective.

It's full of tropes. Bursting at the seams with cliche and characters that spit exposition so fast that you're not supposed to listen to it all. Because that's when you get caught off guard, and you watch one of your faves get murdered right before your eyes. They managed to make four Scream films in the franchise, and they managed to keep the story going, though the fourth film was beginning to reach.

When MTV revealed that they were going to air a Scream tv series, there was a lot of buzz about how they were going to do it. Like Noah - the film geek and exposition fountain - says in the first episode, once the first person dies, the others follow rather quickly. And that was my skepticism initially, but then I remembered every tv show I'd ever seen that revolved around murder. Pretty Little Liars? On its sixth season. Twin Peaks? Went on for years. And perhaps the holy grail of murder mysteries, Veronica Mars. So it's not unheard of that this might work as a tv show.

So in the opening shot of this show we see a couple of kids making out in a car, and I'm reminded that this is an MTV Production. But after this, we get that there's a social media takedown of this couple, and we find out that the orchestrator of this is Bella Thorne's character Nina.

Nina's fate is short-lived on the show, when she is murdered by the Ghostface equivalent from the original film - quite brutally, too - and we get a glimpse of the mask, which is a distorted version of the original.

There's an ancient murderer reminiscent of Halloween's Michael Myers on the loose, and Nina's small group of friends have become targets for Ghostface's revenge plot. So now we know that there's a murderer allegedly back from the dead looking for a girl named Daisy and wanting revenge, which means that nobodies safe, and everybody's a suspect. The only question is, who will be next?

Catch Scream every Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV.


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