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Bring the real costumes and characters back.
Victor Knievel
Nobody walks around in a blue body suit and cape or a bat suit. We can accept a man turning into a woman as a society but the iconic superheroes can't wear their "underwear over their pants" because that's bad? This New 52ism is so pretentious. The costume Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster gave the character made sense. It was that of a circus performer strongman.... Superman was a circus performance, essentially, for Clark Kent. Superman is his stage name. Superman is merely Clark Kent with superpowers. He grew up here, as far as he's concerned, he sees himself as one of us. Superman allows him to use his abilities to help the world and be seen as a flag, symbolic to help, instead of someone hiding among us, which is why he doesn't dress like us, and also why he doesn't wear a mask. That's why he wears the bright colors. This is the symbolic reason for the suit. Superman has an aura around his body from the yellow sun that gave him his flight, invulnerability, etc, so the costume he wore had to be form fitting as to fit under this aura's "glow" so to speak (which is under a half inch off of him to be specific) as to be as close to him as possible. This is the practical reason for the suit. He wears the red "underpants" because they help conceal his privates better, to be quite honest. Anyone who is a guy and has ever worn tights can tell you that things are a little too revealing in the crotch area with just the tights-- think the male equivalent of a female wearing a really tight shirt without a bra and you've got about the right idea. So the trunks help cover him better, while also still being form fitting enough to be kept under the aura. They also break up the colors on the suit nicely and make for a strong and unique design. The cape is the only part of the costume that is actually from Krypton and therefore invincible like him, and he wears it because it is good to have an invincible piece of cloth handy so he can whip it off to wrap people in in fires and things and provide shelter with when need be. Honestly, if you were Superman and you had an invincible "blanket", wouldn't you want that out and about with you? Think of all the situations something like that would be helpful in. The old Fleischer Superman cartoons made good example of this. As for the secret identity (the other thing trendies like to attack), Superman can control his muscle mass, and appear to be lighter and heavier than he really is. He gives Clark a slimmer build than Superman, about 20-30 lbs lighter. He also can control his voice and imitate pretty much anyone, so he changes his voice as Clark Kent as well. As for the slight facial similarities between Clark and Superman, there are people in real life who look similar all of the time but are not the same. Robert Downey Jr, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Javier Burden come to mind. Ben Foster and Aaron Taylor also come to mind. There are several other examples but I can't remember them all off the top of my head. Point is, they look similar, and have even been mistaken for each other, but aren't the same person. Also, Clark and Superman don't interact with the same people all of the time. Superman will meet people Clark never will and vice versa. Superman doesn't have to be snapped with a camera because of his superspeed and abilities if need be. Superman would also never let on that he did something other than be Superman (hence Superman being presented as a flag and symbol for those oppressed and in need-- that alone is what they know him as). He would never hint at a secondary life. And Clark Kent certainly wouldn't. Nevertheless, there's enough distinction between Clark and Superman for the two not to be considered the same person. The point with all this is that it's not hard to come up with a justification for why the character is the way he is, if ever he needed a justification in the first place. I'm tired of people constantly trying to deconstruct the character(s) because that's the "trendy" thing and all anybody knows how to do anymore. The costume and the secret identity, along with the powers, are the things that should ALWAYS be with Superman, no matter what, as he is the first to do them. He originated the whole concept which brought us the whole superhero genre. He should be literally the last to ever abandon it, yet that's all I see with the character all of the time. The real suit needs to come back. And I see no reason why it shouldn't. DC, please bring the REAL Superman back.

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