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I said it once and I'll say it again... I'm cautiously excited for Batman vs Superman. It's my most anticipated movie in 2016. THAT BEING SAID... I'm worried for the film, even with the amazing trailer!

Regardless, there are things that give me hope for the film and the DCEU... SO let's see what that is.

1. Looks Much More Colorful!

Yup. BvS is using a much better color pallet than Man of Steel. It compliments both Superman and Batman in this movie. Something to look forward to!

2. Using The Complaints as a Strength!

Yes, many people complain about the destruction of Metropolis. Little did they know that it was a more direct way to introduce Batman! After that, a lot of people started to understand. This alone shows a lot of confidence in the project!

3. This Is NOT Just a Batman Movie!

Don't get me wrong... This movie majorly introduces Batman to the world Superman set up. It also shows us Wonder Woman and hints the Justice League (Justice League Prequel). HOWEVER... Superman has a weight on his shoulders since the Black Hero event and seeing how Batman is in the picture... Superman thinks he's just as big of a threat as Batman thinks of him.

Glad they're addressing the psychological battle between them.

4. Ben Affleck Helping With Direction

Come on, you can't expect a director like Ben Affleck to be a part of the project and not utilize his talents. Affleck has been on a roll in recent years, so it's safe to say WB will want him to direct his own movies!

5. Chris Terrio

This guy is up and coming. Ben Affleck brought him on the team! What's interesting is there was an interview with Jesse Eisenberg basically saying that Terrio is making sure the characters in the movie are interesting and driven. He's also working on Justice League. Did I mention the Oscar?

6. Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot (like some people in the cast) got lots of hate when she was cast. However, after the trailer... quite a few people had a change of heart! Also, Wonder Woman is a key marketing tool for their merchandise. Sure, she didn't have lines in the trailer, but I think it's for the best because she didn't need to. By the way, Wonder Woman is the movie before Justice League and it's filming soon!

7. The DCEU is... DIFFERENT!

And it SHOULD BE! I always ask people why can't DC be different from the competition. I'm glad they're taking a different approach to their extended universe and their characters. I think it's important to have actors and directors to not only adapt source material well, but also make it their own. Also, the Suicide Squad has more views than Batman v Superman, probably because it's something we haven't seen before!

8. The Extended Universe Has A Plan!

Crazy how I made an article about DC needing a plan and now they do have one. Apparently, the people at WB have a map of the DC movies and where they fall into place in the timeline.

Well, that's it! Oh, did I mention the people who went to see the IMAX trailer of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice are getting advanced screening to the movie a WEEK before it officially releases! Anyway, there are a lot of other things about hope for the DCEU, but this is my list!

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