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Phidza Kainga

We know that Bruce Wayne is fighting Superman with something from Krypton. There is no debate about that. My article is speculating on what Batman might use to fight Superman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I think he is using Zod's armor somehow.

We see from the Dawn of Justice trailer that Bruce Wayne was really close to where Zod and Superman were fighting, as shown in the clip below at the 25 second mark.


We also know that it's around this same area where Zod took off his armor, as shown in the first 30 seconds of the clip below.


He took it off and the next thing we see, Superman charges Zod, and they take off flying somewhere. So we know Superman did not take the armor. The Krypton soldiers couldn't have taken it, they were preoccupied elsewhere. So we can be sure that the armor remained on earth. Either the US Military, Lex Luthor, or Bruce Wayne are currently in possession of the armor. If Bruce doesn't have it, he can always ninja it from the others during the Dawn of Justice movie.

...numb forearms
...numb forearms

We know that the armor is durable enough to withstand super mans punches. It is not powered by the yellow sun like the soldiers. It is simply strong enough to absorb damage. So it will protect whoever is wearing it. But taking damage is one thing, being able to dish it out is another. I have no idea how Bruce might power it and enhance his strength to a suitable level. And how he can withstand the G forces, he may experience, from being punched by superman.

In the Dawn of Justice trailer, at the 2:47 mark, Batman is using some sort of Iron-Bat-Man suit.


I believe that this suit is built off of Zod's armor. Or the material from the armor. It can't simply be some sort of metal from earth. Superman will easily tear it off like he does the batmobile. You also can't just pick up Kryptonite wood and beat superman with it. The Krypton material needs to be durable krypton material.

The trick with Iron Man's suit, is the miniature reactor. So I really have no idea how Bruce is going to generate that kind of power. Maybe he gets an artifact from Aqua-man.

The government is doing research on Zod, and we see below that they have decapitated him and preserved his head. Who knows what they will discover that can be used to defeat Superman.

So I think Batman will acquire the suit from whoever found it, where Zod left it, at the construction site. Build an exo-skeleton suit using the armor, and at the end of the day, use it to last more than 5 seconds with Superman!

I can't wait to see this movie!

Somebody say something, so that I know if this is not making any sense, confusing, or if it's a good point?


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