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...were amazing! Did they have a few problems? Sure, but so do all films. As for The Hobbit Trilogy, I actually like it more than I do the LotR trilogy; but I still love LotR! And to be honest, Jar Jar was meant to be episode one's version of Wicket the Ewok form episode six. So, Jar Jar isn't as annoying as everyone thinks. Secondly, when The Phantom Menace first came out, everyone loved it, and it ended up becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time at that point in time, and The Phantom Menace is, I think, at the 20th highest grossing film of all time. But then everyone came back a few years later and started hating it for really no reason at all. And some started hating episode one, because everyone else was; and they gave in to peer pressure. I have said all of this before, and some have agreed with me. And if you can't find a part of the prequels to love, then you are not a true Star Wars fan. Also, I have not found a legit reason for hating the prequels yet. In addition, George Lucas made the prequels and the OT. He thought he was doing what's best, and I think he did. So, stop putting down your rewrite for the prequels. Also, The Hobbit trilogy gave more character development to Legolas and put Evangeline Lily down as a go-to actress. It showed how.Aragorn and Legolas.met and gave more weight and tension to the Legolas/Gimli relationship in LotR. So, despite whatever problems you may somehow find with the Star Wars prequels or The Hobbit trilogy, they were still great trilogies! And who didn't love Bilbo and Gollum's "Riddles in the Dark"?

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